Harborside Health Center San Jose Debuts With DoorBusters

Harborside San JoseSteve DeAngelo opened the doors to Harborside Health Center’s new location in San Jose yesterday. The dispensary now occupies a former Togo’s bakery, located at 1365 N. 10th Street, and is a whole lot larger than the previous spot. It feels much more like DeAngelo’s flagship location in Oakland with a spacious and open floor plan, beautifully crafted displays and of course a fat selection of flowers, concentrates, edibles and clones.

The location can’t be missed—well mainly because it’s painted the color of cannabis—bright green. The surrounding area is so gray, lifeless, neglected and sad, DeAngelo tells us, that he hopes the newly minted (pun intended) medical marijuana dispensary will breathe some life into the depressed neighborhood.

Harborside Health Center San Jose
Harborside Health Center San Jose now occupies a former Togo’s bakery located at 1365 N. 10th Street

“We wanted to do something that would bring a striking new sense of vibrancy and vitality to the neighborhood, that would make it easy for patients to find us, and that would symbolize our connection to the plant,” DeAngelo says about the building’s lively green exterior.

“After those initial new pioneers open and spruce up the look of the street-scape and demonstrate new business can be attracted, other non-cannabis related businesses will open beside them. Those businesses will repaint, restore facades, plant trees, hang new signage and bring new life to a place that has been decaying for years. I think this kind of revitalization will counter the stigma still clinging to cannabis in San Jose, and make the rest of the city more open to welcoming us to their neighborhoods,” DeAngelo says.

Harborside Health Center San JoseTo welcome patients to their new San Jose digs the club is offering several awesome doorbuster specials from August 1-9th including $150 zips for the first 40 patients each day, $5 pre-rolls (regularly nearly three times that cost) and $40 Gold Drop Oil Grams without no limit to how many you can buy. Time to stock up, man.

Visit harborsidehealthcenter.com/sanjose/ for more information and more specials. And get this—DeAngelo is allowing us to get in on the fun and give some stuff away some Harborside stuff as well. Stay stoned…er, uhm we mean stay tuned for details on how we may be able to get you stoned for free.

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