Harborside Reserve Karma Vida #7 Review

Karma Vida weedHarborside Reserve Karma Vida #7 Review

Our bud Steve DeAngelo and the crew over at the Harborside Health Center hooked us up with some serious fire. This gorgeous weed is called Karma Vida and it hit the market for the first time on New Year’s Eve. It’s what you get when you cross Rare Dankness’s super potent Karma Wreck (Skywalker OG x Nevil’s Wreck) with Bodhi Seeds’ powerhouse Kush hybrid Pura Vida (Hollywood Pure Kush x Appalachia). And of course it possesses all the popular characteristics of it’s parents—hella stoney with a wonderful bouquet of flowers, spice and erything nice. Sorry to say, this shit’s exclusive to the Harborside, but happy to report there are 3 distinct and dank phenotypes of this cross available—Karma Vida #5, #7 and #9. It’s grown by SlothRealm. These dudes have cultivated multiple new and unique varieties from seed, discarding nearly all of them until they land on something that’s pure fire. We tested luck #7, but might have to go back and try the others because the most popular will get a permanent place on the dispensary’s shelf. The others? It’s bye bye forever.

Karma Vida 7
Karma Vida weed is pure Stuff Stoners Like

Marijuana Strain: Harborside Reserve Karma Vida #7
Score: 9/10
From: Harborside Health Center 1840 Embarcadero, Oakland, CA 94606 Phone: (888) 994-2726
Farm: SlothRealm
Type: Sativa
Sample Size: 3.5 grams
Genetics: (Skywalker OG x Nevil’s Wreck) x Pura Vida (Hollywood Pure Kush x Appalachia)
Karma Vida #7 is on of three phenotypes exclusively available at the Harborside Health Center. It’s a cross between Rare Dankness’s super potent Karma Wreck (Skywalker OG x Nevil’s Wreck) with Bodhi Seeds’ powerhouse Kush hybrid Pura Vida (Hollywood Pure Kush x Appalachia). The growers at SlothRealm who produce this lovely flower have never been satisfied to remain slothfully true to their name. Instead these dudes pop tons and tons of seeds, tossing many, to create some serious dank. This time they crossed their prized Karma cutting with Bodhi Seeds’ powerhouse Kush hybrid Pura Vida. The results? A strain that encompasses the best of both parents, tons of potency with a ton of aroma plus a few unique characteristics all her own.

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Karma Vida strain
The Karma Vida strain is only available at the Harborside Health Center

Appearance and Feels: There are so many crystals on our sample Karma Vida #7 that it looks like it was dropped in a sugar bowl. The buds are super dense, feel heavy to the touch and trimmed to absolute perfection. Talk about sexy weed, dude. This is some centerfold-worthy shit right here, yo.
Smell: This Karma Vida smells so good it’s almost a shame to set her on fire. It has a really beautiful and enticing incense and perfume aroma. Even after burning half a bowl of the stuff the tasty aroma was still there. You might want to take a sniff or two before each and every hit. There are also hints of something sweet. Not birthday cake sweet, more like a field of fresh vine-ripened strawberries on a warm summer’s day.
Flavor: We noticed a nice amount of sweet and sour fruit on the inhale. And found delightful hints of wild flowers and earthy spice on the exhale. In a clean glass pipe this stuff tasted incredible. Out of the Jet Water pipe it was even better. Seems like as the smoke stacks up in the bong so do the flavors. What we really loved was rolling this stuff into a joint. Seriously. We loved the way the stuff felt as we busted it a part to fit in the grinder. Loved how the aroma just exploded as we ground it up and couldn’t get over the taste of a dry pull from the joint. If we were going to walk around with a joint hanging outta our mouth’s like some dude’s do with toothpicks—this would be the weed of choice to use.

Karma Vida
Talk about good Kharma! Karma Vida weed is it.

High: dude. Dude. DUDE! This Karma Vida stuff is extremely stimulating and energetic. It’s also really racy and electric. Talk about some serious get-up-and-go-weed. It’s perfect for pairing with activities from surfing, to snowboarding, to sex. Definitely some seriously tasty stuff stoners like
Overall: Karma Vida #7 is pretty fucking blissful, man. These marijuana plants must have accrued some good karma to taste so good. Our sample smells incredible and tastes even better. It’s a pick-me-up type of pot that’ll elevate your mood for sure. And if you aren’t careful it’ll have your ass ass up and out the door in no time. Like we said there are three distinct Karma Vida phenotypes and only one will stay on the shelves in the future. If the other two taste and feel as awesome as the one we tried, it’ll be a crying shame to see the others discontinued. Better git to this shit while it lasts, yo.

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