Have a question about dabbing? Ask Dabby

ask dabbyHave a question about dabbing? Ask Dabby

Want to learn about dab culture? Curious about how BHO is made? Need to know the best temp for vaping? That’s what we’re here for. Send us your dab questions and we’ll ask Dabby, the lead scientist at an actual legal dab lab located in Washington State. For the purpose of this column we’ll call it Dabby Road Studios. It’s also where our columnist Mat Lee works. Mat’s a marijuana refugee who now lives and works around weed eryday. And he’s loving it. Anyhow, welcome to our newest column where we’ll answer any and all questions related to dabbing. So leave your question in the comments below or email us.

Live from Dabby Road Studios

By: Mat Lee

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article and created a video for it called Dab Etiquette, focusing on the use of a healthstone, or vapor slide. In it I talk about the differences in using a butane torch versus a heat gun. Clearly the heat gun, on a healthstone, is the way to go. From that article we started collecting all of your dab related questions, in a new column I like to call Dabby Road.

On Dabby road, you can be dab sure we’ll ask our professional extract scientist Dabby all of your questions, and they will answer them as only a scientist can. With evidence and data. Dab data. Ok, enough with the dab puns, email your questions to us at stuff@stuffstonerslike.com, tweet or FB ‘em.

17 Responses to “Have a question about dabbing? Ask Dabby”

  1. Macky Mccollum

    Dear Dabby,
    My sister and I moving to Colorado soon and we are psyched for dabs but are concerned about them overwhelming us and leaving us on the floor embarrassed. What advice or tips do you have for the virgin dabber?

  2. Mat Lee

    That’s a really good question. I’ll have to write up a dabbing for beginners guide soon. Thank you!

  3. Yacin

    What’s the best way to dab without a rig

  4. Mat Lee

    If you smoke joints or spliffs, I’ve been enjoying dripping a tiny streak of dab in a spiral starting from the top going about halfway down the spliff. Don’t make it too think otherwise you’ll have crazy runs, and don’t let it get too close to your fingers unless you are using one of those fear and loathing type ciggy holders.

    The other thing you can do is get a dab warm and drip it on some bud, then put a bud on top of it. You don’t want to hit the flame directly to the dab, but it will heat and melt into the bud if you do the sandwich thing.

  5. Sherry Arturi

    I don’t know how to store the DAB pot. Cold? Freezer? Or baggie room temp. I don’t have a vape pipe. So then do iI pinch some off and place it on top of the bud in the pipe? THANKS!

  6. Sherry Arturi


  7. Sherry Arturi

    Good INFO!

  8. Mat Lee

    Can you be more specific about CBDs? What is it you would like to know? As far as how to dab CBD dabs? Let me know and I’ll get these questions off.

  9. sara

    Sometimes when I hit my domeless titanium nail it turns black and the Mole tastes really bad. I’m not a noob. I have been dabbing for over a year & I have only had this problem for the last month. Please help!!!

  10. sara


  11. mat

    Are you getting dabs that have butane still in them? Sounds like you are smoking some tane soup aka poop soup. It’s hard to say without seeing a picture or a video or actually smelling the oil you are using. You also might need to clean the black ash stuff out of your nail. Every now and then, depending on the material you dab, it can get really dirty and cause a gross taste. The dab rig shouldn’t be smoking until you put the oil on it. If you heat the rig and it’s smoking, you should clean it out.

  12. Bradley madison

    Ok i have a s.s. piece whats the best torch to use?

  13. Mat

    Depends on the nail, but a good butane torch should do the trick. I like the Newport torches personally.

  14. Damian

    Hey Dabby so I’m new to dabbing I just got a small rig for my birthday. It was working great the first few days but it’s been hard to get any air through it when taking a hit now. I noticed there are holes along the bottom of the tube inside that were clogged up with wax so I cleaned it really well and that seemed to solve the problem but they clog up again as soon as I do a couple dabs. Could it be the type of wax I’ve been dabbing this time around? Thanks in advance!

  15. Mat Lee

    I would say that you are taking dabs that are too big for your nail, and all that reclaim that’s clogging the diffuser is just wasted money in essence. Also could be using too low of a temp. It’s hard to say without seeing it. But just like pipes and bongs, a dab rig will eventually clog if you don’t clean it. If it’s glass acetone or isopropyl alcohol will work. Although be careful with the acetone around plastics. Probably best to stick to isopropyl.

  16. Yalonda Aderholt

    So my question is that I just started smoking dabs and they all basically tasted the same. This batch tastes kinda soapy, is this OK to smoke?

  17. Mat Lee

    Do you know how it was extracted? How it was purged? Terpenes are what give the herb it’s flavor. They are also quite volatile, so depending on the extractor and purge methods, which solvents are used and the temperatures, you will be left with the same terpene profile. Mostly beta Caryophyllene which would give it a bit of spicy kick. Not sure why it would taste soapy but I’ll look into it.

    It’s always wise to be careful with extracts in states where labs are not legal. You never know what residual solvents are left and some of that stuff can be pretty dangerous if you smoke it.

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