Hawaiian Dream Strain from Sticky Fingers Seeds Review

Sticky Fingers SeedsName: Hawaiian Dream
Review by: StonedandStuff
Score: 9/10
From: Sticky Fingers Seeds
Farm: Cooperative of Maui’s North Shore Medical Marijuana Growers
Harvest Date: 6/17
Sativa Dominant 70/30
Sample Size: .25 lbs. (i know! Can you believe it?)
Genetics: Bluedream x Ken Estes X Granddaddy Kush X Unnamed Maui SUPER PLANT.
Hawaiian DreamAppearance and Feels: This is some nicely manicured flower—super cryptonite dense and packed with sparkly crystals. You can almost feel the Maui sun beaming off these bountiful and bodacious buds. Which by the way the longer I stare at them the more golden they become. I swear these snowy nuggets from paradise are radiating aloha everytime I open our very sophisticated ziploc tupperware container.  Think Pulp Fiction and imagine of Jules opening the suitcase as it glows like fort knox on a sunny day? That’s kinda of what happens when I open the blue lid to my stash and Hawaiian Dream is staring back at me. The hairs range from lightly golden brown to perfectly golden brown.

Smell: The Hawaiian Dream aroma is just what you think it might be—it smells like Hawaii. Maui specifically—Haiku even more specifically. Just the slightest scent of this flower makes my soul happy and makes me want to jump on the next plane to Maui. Why you may ask? Can a flower really make you happy? YES! Yes she can. This flower in particular gives me joy because she smells sweet and spicy—my two favorite combinations. And when I stick my nose in what was my airlocked container I am taken to a place on the beach. But I am just not on the beach, I also have a bud in hand that smells like a bubblegum and mango with just a slight hit of lime, chili and salt but better because I can smoke it.

Hawaiian DreamFlavor: No surprise this flower tastes just likes she smells—deep and complex. There’s a sweetness like a mango hit with something spicy like chili or black pepper. The aftertaste is truly satisfying it not only leaves my pallete coated in a nice wash of tropical flavors and spice it leaves me wanting much more and more and more.

High: The high is what you would expect from a dominant sativa 70/30 split. Much energy goes to the mind and energizes the thought process. This is the perfect herb to start your day or to always keep in your back pocket in case you need a doober on the road or you find friend. This is the perfect bud of choice for parties and social gatherings. Or gardening, this is also the perfect bud of choice if you want to deadhead plants or trim back shrubs. Actually this is probably the perfect strain for most everything and everybody.

Hawaiian DreamOverall: The Sticky Finger Hawaiian Dream is without a doubt my favorite sativa strain. I love it and I want more of it.This strain is different from all others because it’s grown outdoors under the Maui sun. And anybody who has been to Hawaii knows magic or what the islanders refer to as aloha, happens there non-stop. When you put herb and aloha together you have the Hawaiian Dream. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on it I would treat it like Jules treated the suitcase in that classic Pulp Fiction.

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