HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup Returning to San Francisco

That’s right STONERS, the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, is returning to Nor Cal and you can bet the makers of STUFF STONERS LIKE will be there again. (checkout last year’s coverage) This event, happening at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco, California– June 24-25, 2010, couldn’t be better timed, what with Amsterdam looking to close it’s doors to pot-tourism, which could spell the tragic demise of the magazine’s premiere weed competition that looks to celebrate its 24th year in existence this fall.

“This will be the third time we’ve held a stateside HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup and the second time in San Francisco,” says High Times Magazine’s Executive Editor, Dan Sky. ” I think San Francisco is the ideal place for this event. The modern marijuana movement started here, after all. It’s always been a progressive, forward-looking city and we’re pleased we’ve received such a welcoming response to the event here.”

Originally, the Cannabis Cup, patterned after California’s Harvest Festivals of yester-year happens every November in Amsterdam. Founded in 1987 by activist, writer, film-maker and High Times editor Steven Hagar, the dude who nixed all the nasty drugs like Coke and Heroin from the mag, the Cannabis Cup is an embodiment of stoner culture, not to mention the magazine itself, featuring tons of weed and tons of people enjoying it. So it’s great to see a similar tradition starting here in Northern California, the home of the marijuana movement.

But, what sets SF’s Medical Cannabis Cup apart from the annual Amster-D event, aside from thousands of miles of Atlantic Ocean, is unlike in the marijuana-decriminalized Netherlands…there isn’t that unique opportunity to buy your way into judging the herb yourself. That’s right, the Cannabis Cup is determined by stoners from all over the world! In fact, High Times said in ’08, something like 2,300 people forked over between $199 and $250 to judge some of the best bud in the world. But that’s all about to change as Amsterdam coffee shops have been ordered to soon cease selling herb to non-residents. So the winners of the SF event, there’s a sister event in Denver every year as well, will be chosen by a panel of independent experts just like last year’s inaugural event.

On the bill for the two-day Cup will be a Legal Seminar featuring our friend Steve DeAngelo of the Harborside Health Center and attorney Bill Panzer representing the NORML Board of Directors as well as others esteemed panelists, an Eco/Organic Panel presenting information on how medical cannabis cultivators and consumers can help ensure healthy weed for both patients and the planet as well as a couple (one each day) HIGHLY informative Cultivation Seminars, the first with SSL fave and interviewee Danny Danko and another by good ol’ HIGH TIMES’ Cultivation Editor Nico Escondido. You can also expect an all-star awards ceremony, a pot party on Saturday night featuring gigs from reggae legend Junior Reid, hip-hop phenom Curren$y, and the Kottonmouth Kings as well as lots and lots of medicating! See you STONERS there.


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