Homegrown Marijuana Book Review

Homegrown Marijuana bookHomegrown Marijuana Review

This new hydroponic book, Homegrown Marijuana: Create a Hydroponic Growing System in Your Own Home from Cool Springs Press, is definitely Stuff Stoners Like. It’s written by a hyro expert named Joshua Sheets. Dude’s a Washington-based cannabis cultivator with decades of experience operating both small-and large-scale set-ups. He’s a professional horticulturist and a consultant who works with one of the largest and most successful nurseries in the state.

Sheets began gardening with his grandfather at the age of six on a three acre farm. By the time he was thirteen he took his limited knowledge of gardening and set out to grow a cure for a rare neurological disorder that nearly destroyed him. His first crop took heavy losses to deer, but the thrill of self-healing led to his quest for the perfect indoor operation. Then he got busted.

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After earning his ticket to a minimum security facility he worked for the Department of Natural Resources as a firefighter and reforester. Hydro was and remains his niche and passion, though. Sheets now works as a nusrseryman in Tumwater Washington detailing good gardening practices for local gardeners of all types—not just cannabis cultivators.

Joshua Sheets Grow Book
“Homegrown Marijuana” by Joshua Sheets

This new book is Sheets’ first title ­ and includes years and years worth of trial and error, data and know-how. Sheets, who’ll be writing some grow articles for StuffStonersLike.com with a focus on hydro cultivation tells us that, “This is comprehensive. You can buy the book, find seed, follow instructions and have incredibly high quality marijuana.”

In Homegrown Marijuana Sheets begins with how to’s on starting a crop from seed and various simple cloning methods. He then dives into building grow chambers and ends the book with detail on harvesting and curing your cannabis crop. However the meat of the book lies in Sheets detail about plant “production” and the process of moving plants through the stages of growth. He also details techniques that will help “increase yields” and help you “get the most out of each individual plant.”

“If you have the time and the space to commit to the detail, you can grow your own and grow it well,” Sheets says. And a good place to start, if you’re into giving hydroponics, is Sheet’s new step-by-step book. Grab a copy of Homegrown Marijuana today, dude and stay tuned for Sheet’s column on StuffStonersLike soon.

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