The Homemade Bong is Stuff Stoners Like

crazy homemade bong
The homemade bong is definitely stuff stoners like

The Homemade Bong is Stuff Stoners Like

The homemade bong is absolutely stuff stoners like. That’s because not all stoners have the capital or the desire to spend their cash on costly glass pipes and bongs. Talk about expensive—have you seen the prices for name brand pipes and bongs these days? Custom bongs and pipes from well-established and respected brands are cool and all. Don’t get us wrong we love that shit actually. But like paper beats rock, garage floors beat glass bongs and pipes each and every time. Plus cleaning glass pipes and bongs, especially those crazy bongs with all those perks and stuff can be a total pain in the ass. That’s where cheap bongs and homemade pipes come in. Use ’em once and chuck ’em.

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Let’s face it cheap bongs are cheap. That’s about the best thing going for them. You can score plastic bongs for cheap online pretty easily nowadays. We dig cheap bongs because they leave more money in your pocket to buy weed. That’s cool. An even better money saver? A homemade bong. Yep nothing saves cash and a trip to the head-shop like a water bottle bong you made yourself—while stoned.

We know smoking out of a cheap plastic bong you constructed yourself could be a bad idea. Some plastics contain toxins and when exposed to heat and smoke that can’t be good. So when inventing your next DIY bong or homemade weed pipe use your head, dude. Avoid including toxic material like tin foil or empty bleach containers in your creation.

How to make a homemade bong

Want to learn how to make a bong? Perfect. Weed bongs are simple to make. And don’t worry, dude, some of the best bongs are homemade. Just check out the shit below for some ideas. Anyhow we’ve got the perfect tried-and-true post on how to make a water bottle bong. It’s fail-proof no matter how stoned you might be. Also here’s how to make a gravity bong. Gravity bongs are awesome, man. Gravity bongs will get you super high and are easy to make. Both of these inventions are very cool bongs for the cash-strapped. Or those looking to get stoned in a pinch but lack the necessary tools.

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10 homemade bongs for inspiration

Without further adieu here are ten of the most awesome homemade bongs we’ve come across. Looking to build a bong? These special, hand crafted, homemade bongs should provide some nice inspiration.

Tell us about your craziest cheap bong invention in the comments below.

honeybear bong is a classic cheap bong
When it comes to cheap bongs the honey bear bong is a classic
homemade bong from pringles
Here’s a lovely homemade bong from Pringles
cool bongs from atari
Cool bongs from Atari
Legos makes some pretty cool bongs for cheap
Legos makes some pretty cool bongs for cheap
how to make a homemade bong from a water bottle
Here’s how to make a bong out of a water bottle
Grey Goose Vodka Cheap Bong
Grey Goose Vodka ain’t cheap, but this crazy bong is definitely stuff stoners like
crazy homemade bong
The homemade bong is definitely stuff stoners like
cheap bong from ice
Your lips might stick to this cheap bong made from ice
cheap bongs are stuff stoners like
What else to do with a broken NES than to transform it into a homemade bong
how to make a bong with tupperware
Making crazy bongs at the next tupperware party might really liven shit up

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