Honey Stick Vape Starter Kit Review

Vape Starter KitHoney Stick Vape Starter Kit

We scored a Honey Stick Smart Mod vape starter kit. Apparently this is the first ever all-in-one Sub-Ohm vape pen that’s specifically engineered for thick oil and concentrates. The Honey Stick vape pen converts CO2 extracts, essential oils (including THC and CBD oils) and other e-liquids into tasty vapor. Say goodbye to combustion and burning. You should also say goodbye to your homemade dry herb vaporizer, man and step up to vaping extracts, man. You’ll thank yourself later.

This Honey Stick Smart Mod vaporizer pen would go perfect with homemade THC e Liquid. Sure you could buy C02 oil or whatever prefilled in a cartridge, but that stuff is really expensive and for many growers out of reach to make. Or you could make THC e Liquid at home with our, easy-to-follow recipe.

vape pen starter kit
The Honey Stick Vape Starter Kit is Stuff Stoners Like

Anyhow our friends over at vapehoneystick.com say their new vapor pen is optimized for intense vapor and accentuated taste. That’s a great quality in a vaporizer, right? Especially a portable vaporizer. The great taste and smooth draw is because this pen utilizes a Sub-Ohm ultra low resistance coil with an Organic Cotton Coil (OCC), a really wide mouthpiece and variable wattage from 5 to 36 watts. All these controls allow the user to dial in the perfect temperature for whatever concentrate or THC e juice you’re vaping. Users can also adjust the airflow by adjusting the mouthpiece on the wax pen. This is a useful addition for accommodating the various viscosity of oils and concentrates out there.

The Honey Stick vape leverages 510 threads and gaskets to create a tight, non-leaking seal. Nothing sucks more than when Liquid THC drips all over everything. Our vape pen starter kit came with an eGo threaded adapter and a built-in battery with “Ultra Fast Micro USB Charging.” The vapor pen arrived full charged and the battery seemed to last several hours and delivered a ton of intense hits before finally needed to be recharged.

Vape Starter Kit
Check out the onboard controls on the Honey Stick Vape Pen, man

Vaporizer pen packing can be a struggle—but not with the Honey Stick. This slick vaporizer utilizes a high-density Pyrex top-filling tank that accepts up to 2ml of concentrate or e liquid. Because of the size it was easy to access and easy to see while filling it. The mouthpiece comes equipped with a mesh safety screen so you don’t accidentally suck up chucks of shatter, wax or crumble. You can buy their additional Fill-it-yourself Kit that contains all the tools you’ll need to safely and quickly transform herbal oils and extracts into a smooth vaporizable e-liquid too.

Upon first glance we noticed that this vape pen was really well-built and sported some pretty awesome attention to detail. It seems durable but like all vape pens this thing won’t last forever. It needed to be primed before its initial use or if its been a long time since you’ve fired it up. To prime this vaporizer pen, remove the mouthpiece by unscrewing it from the top and simply drip two to five drops of coil primer down the center hole of the tank allowing it to drip directly into the heating coil. (Yes coil primer comes included with the Honey Stick vape starter kit).

Vape pen starter kit
Fill the Honey Stick vaporizer with oil by inserting a syringe into the moon shaped opening

To fill the Honey Stick vapor pen with oil or an e Liquid just insert a syringe into the moon shaped opening on the tank and fill the reservoir so that liquid saturates the heating coil evenly. You can rotate the angle of the syringe and continue squirting until the heating coils exposed openings are covered with oil. Don’t put oil down the center hole, though, or you’ll fuck up your new wax pen. If the oil is too thick use a lighter to gently apply some heat until it’s a bit more runny.

We attached an o pen style prefilled cartridge and this thing rocked it. We even dropped some wax right on the coil itself and the flavor was almost as big as the cloud of vape this thing delivered from it.  Is the honey stick vape pen stuff stoners like? Definitely, man. For more information about the Hoeny Stick Sub Ohm vape starter kit check out vapehoneystick.com, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Have a vape pen that you think is better or know of a better vape pen starter kit? Tell us about it in the comments below…

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  1. Sue

    Can u gift me one to try? We don’t have anything like that here in Michigan. & no one has info about them around here. I seem to be the only one who knows about them. I would like to start some sort of smoke bar up here. Thank you for your time.

  2. Johnnie Willis

    Had a bad accident. So I’ve been on a lot of meds. And I’ve just started researching CBD oils. Would love to try it to see if I could stop the meds for CBD. So if you could help with your new pen would be appreciated.

  3. Riley Griffiths

    I bought a beekeeper and went over to my shop to get a cartridge. I bought a Thclear cartridge only to find out it didnt fit, so I took it back and discovered they didnt have any that fit my beekeeper. My question is who makes pre filled cartridges that fit my beekeeper? thanks Riley

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