How Long Does THC Stay in Your System?

how long does thc stay in your system
How long does THC stay in your system? That depends on many factors.

How long does THC stay in your system?

How long does THC stay in your system? That’s a question we get all too often. It’s an important one. That’s because there are freedoms at stake here. We know most stoners are asking shit like “How long does THC stay in your system” because they want to pass a drug test. So if you’re looking for ways to pass a drug test you can skip right to our information-packed post on how to pass a drug test. We also have a really detailed post, How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System that goes more into depth on how long weed is detectable by the different drug tests available out there. If you’re facing a drug test, keep these resources handy. And there also this really useful, informative inforgraphic: How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System.

There are a lot of factors that determine how long your body retains trace amounts of THC. So to really answer the question of how long does THC stay in your system, you have to ask yourself a few questions first. How often do you smoke, eat or vaporize weed? What’s your metabolism rate? How’s your health been lately and what’s your weight? All these things affect how long THC stays in your system. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The potency of the pot you smoke will also affect how long THC stays in your system. So that means if you dab some high-THC concentrate you’ll have more THC in your system than if you just smoked a bowl or two of some bad weed.

how long does marijuana-thc stay in your system
You probably need to beat a drug test if you’re asking how long does marijuana-thc stay in your system?

How long does THC stay in your system?

Here’s the thing. Since the rate of THC metabolism varies per individual no one can really say how long you will test positive for THC after smoking weed. But there are some common guidelines that should help. The experts at WebMD report that the amount of time THC stays in your system is anywhere from a week to a month, depending on how often you consume it.

How long does marijuana-THC stay in your system if you smoke once?

Seems like first-time smokers ask this a lot. Because we get this question a lot. How long does marijuana-thc stay in your system if you smoke once? See the paragraph above. Just like if you smoke a ton of pot all day long, it depends on many things—from your weight to the potency of the cannabis you consumed. So we can’t really tell ya. But what we can tell you is that according to a review by the National Drug Court Institute (NDCI) you’ll likely test positive for pot one to three days after smoking it. Plus we’ve provided this handy “how long does HTC stay in your system calculator” below to help give some guidelines on how long THC might stick with you.

how long does thc stay in your system calculator
Here’s a handy how long does THC stay in your system calculator

How long does THC stay in your system if you smoke daily?

Major stoners, those who smoke weed all day everyday, can expect to test positive for weed around a week following last use. According to the NDCI, after 10 days, most frequent users should pass a urine test: “Based upon recent scientific evidence, at the 50 ng/mL cutoff concentration for the detection of cannabinoids in urine, it would be unlikely for a chronic user to produce a positive urine drug test result for longer than 10 days after the last smoking episode.”

There’s no guarantee that a major pot-smoker will be free of THC metabolites after 10 days, however. Some studies reveal that it’s possible for stoners to test pot-positive up to a month after last use. We hear that in one extreme case some stoner who reported smoking weed heavily for the last decade tested positive (above 20 ng/mL limit) for THC 67 days after last use.

How long does THC stay in your urine?

When it comes to drug testing stoners the urine drug test is the most common. That’s because it’s easy to spring on someone. It’s also really easy to administer as well. Plus a urine test is accurate and delivers immediate results. Lucky for us the ever-so-common urine drug test is also the easiest to beat. Of course there are more complex urine drug tests that are more difficult to beat. But the more difficult to correct the more expensive they are to give—which makes them rare. Most of the time these costly piss tests are used as back-up anyhow—to prove earlier results.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Urine? Pot use will appear positive within two to five hours of use on a urine drug test. How long pot will show positive on a urine drug test is based more than anything on your frequency of pot use. A urine test does not take into account the weight and body fat of the marijuana smoker. New stoners may show a positive for smoking weed for 1-6 days. Moderate pot-smokers  might test positive for 7-13 days. Major stoners may show positive for up to 15, or even 30 or more days after getting stoned.

If you’ve got a drug test coming up, you should consider synthetic urine. Does synthetic urine work for passing a drug test? Yep. It’s what drug test labs use to calibrate their equipment. Learn more in our post, Synthetic Urine – That’s How To Pass a Urine Drug Test.

How long does THC stay in your blood system?

THC could remain above the limit of detection (0.3 ng/ml) in a stoner’s blood for up to a month. Although this varies by individual of course. Again lucky for stoners—the gold standard of drug testing—blood tests are the least used. That’s because they’re expensive. And they must be given by a healthcare professional—a cop can’t just draw your blood on the side of the road, for instance. A blood drug test is most often administered by an insurance company or law enforcement once you’ve been detained or arrested. So if all you’re looking to do is score a new job, you probably won’t be facing a blood test.

Good luck and be careful out there and don’t forget to check out our how long does THC stay in your system chart above in a pinch. The more you know, yo.

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  1. MiguelJ

    If someone where to add 1.5g of ABV cannabis to a box of brownies and make 12 brownies. If that someone where to eat 1/4 of the brownies and went to the Emergency Room complaining of feeling dizzy and throwing up. If he requested to have a blood test ~2.5hrs after consumption, would it appear in blood? Real question

  2. Josh

    I smoke rarely maybe once or twice a month. I haven’t smoked in 27 days. I got pulled over by state troopers and they took me to get a dui blood test. Do you think I’ll be good. I’m about 5’10 and weigh 170. Please let me know I plan on fighting them in court.

  3. Anonymous

    THC isn’t going to show up on a blood test after ~24 hours (just like alcohol). And even if they test your urine in the future, you would still be ok as long as you don’t smoke between now and then.

  4. no name

    ive been clean for a month and half i smoked 2 blunts this past sunday how long will that take to get out of my urine?

  5. cannabis cancer

    does cannabis oil cure cancer

  6. Anonymous

    38 days stop weight 130 I’m good or not plz let me know

  7. Kayo_601

    I puffed a low grade blunt twice today. I havnt smoked for two years before hand. I’m 17, well fit, about 150 pounds, 6 ft tall. I swear like crazy. If I drink plenty of water and continue to swear a bunch, how long until I can pass my p.o.’s drug test. PLEASE REPLY


    my question is how long does ceres cannibas lotion stay in your system when it comes tp urine tests,

  9. Girlswhosmokes

    So I have a drug test today Ive been clean for three weeks &Ive been working out for a good two weeks . Before being clean I smoked a blunt on the only on the weekends for two months. && before that I smoked everyday for two years but a blunt would last me about 3 days so I wouldn’t say I’m a heavy smoker. I’m 5’5 and widget is 200 lbs. someone help

  10. Trever

    How long does dab oil stay in your system!!

  11. Linda Helton

    How long does a drop of cannabis oil under your tongue stay in your system?

  12. Danielle

    I weigh 150 pounds am 5’7” have been clean for 26 months from thc and smoked one hit one day and two the next day. I have 9 days until I take a drug test, do you think I’ll pass?

  13. Danielle

    I weigh 150 pounds am 5’7” have been clean for 26 months from thc and smoked one hit one day and two the next day. I have 9 days until I take a drug test, do you think I’ll pass? Also how do you figure out your body fat amount? I found a scale online but idk what my body fat is in percentage wise.

  14. Yeah dude58

    This chart doesn’t seem right. I call b.s.

  15. paul

    Hi I had quit smoking for a couple months. I smoked for about 3 weeks very heavy some recreational from Colorado. I quit for about 2 wks then started again for about a month now heavy. Quit the rec stuff a week ago but probably going to quit completely here in next day or two. I’m waiting for my job to get filled and that will be approx 6 wks from when the job is posted. I don’t think it’s posted yet so say it doesn’t post for 2 wks that will give me approx 8 wks to clean out. I’m bout 25-35%bf gettin a lil belly but workout 3-4x wk. Have some muscle and going to start eating clean. I may or may not get a test that’s the whole thing but 8wks should b good no? Even 6 maybe?

  16. paul

    I had smoked off and on for a couple months before that. Before that had pretty much quit for about a year. Before that very heavy for years.

  17. Alexus

    I haven’t smoked in 8 months I have a drug test on the 4th of March and its the 18th of February if I smoke half a blunt of low quality weed would it be out my system in time I’m 5″3 146 pounds

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