How To Choose An Effective Dosage of CBD Cannabidiol Oil

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The substance famously known as CBD, also known as cannabidiol, has become increasingly popular. Experts say that the sudden rise of its popularity lies upon two key integral components. One, being its anti-inflammatory characteristics, and two, its anti oxidative properties which act as a powerful cure for several illnesses.

The cannabis derivative comes in two forms, a CBD Isolate and a CBD Full-spectrum. It was previously believed that an Isolate is more effective than Full-spectrum, a misconception that has been rectified by researchers that have found a full spectrum to indeed be finer than the latter.

How to choose the best CBD oil for you?

First, you should know that a CBD oil only contains traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), so getting high on this substance will prove to be difficult. A Full-spectrum CBD oil may contain:

• Proteins

• Fatty acids

• Chlorophyll

• Fiber

• Flavonoids

• Terpenes

There have been many cases where a labeling inaccuracy has been reported, making it a wise decision to select more reputable companies when acquiring your medication. Also, reading reviews and taking note of other users’ experience is always a plus.

Do keep in mind that results may differ from one person to another, and should a CBD not have the intended effects on you, you can opt for a more potent one with different ingredients.

How to figure out the right dosage for you?

Well, the dosage is perfectly dependent on a number of factors. These include:

• Your body weight

• The condition that is being treated

• Your body chemistry

That said, there isn’t a universal CBD dosage. Light weights have a relatively smaller body mass, and as such they will be feeling the effects of the oil much quicker than their heavier counterparts. Second matter at hand relates to the severity of the condition you’re treating. That will also be an altering factor to the amount you’ll be taking. As the greater the condition is, the higher the dosage will need to be.

Can a healthy person take it

CBD oil can be taken regardless of your health state. So if we were to say that an average adult human had developed an inclination towards taking this drug, when in good health, they sure can. 

CBD oil and tinctures:

This type of CBD products can range anywhere from 100mg all the way up to 5000mg. So, if you happen to be a first time oil or tincture user, experts usually urge you to start off with small doses and then maybe work your way up, depending on how you react to it. 

The types of CBD oils that range between 1000mg – 3000mg are referred to as high potency oils. The concentrations of which are quite high, still a human can almost seem not bothered by dosages that can go up to 1500mg. 

You should not fear overdosing on this substance, especially since it’s considered to be a non-toxic product. This does not mean that it doesn’t produce side effects, though you should know that, however great they may be, it is almost always non-threatening and extremely minor.

Selecting the dosage:

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what you need to know when selecting your preferred CBD dosage, it’s time to apply this knowledge.

The first thing you need to do is check the product information, to make sure you have all the right ingredients. Also to make sure how much CBD is in a single drop. Upon doing so, you’ll have to start recording the amount and time of when you take it. Work your way up to bigger amounts until you’ve reached your desired result. Then refer to this list of recordings to know exactly how much CBD oil you will need. 

Like dietary supplements, take your CBD for up to 5-7 days to experience its full effect. 

Perhaps a consultation session with your physician will help you in answering any questions regarding the dosage system you should follow. 

Note: a dosing chart on a 1000 mg CBD drop would not be considered ideal for someone who is highly sensitive to the drug. 


This seemingly new and young cannabis derivative has actually been used in products ever since the 80’s. Adding this concoction to creams, oils and sprays. Its benefits run deep as it was found to be a great healing agent. And as we all know, athletes abuse their bodies to great extents. According to the people at, CBD is used in sports recovery products, as it alleviates any pain or soreness in the muscles, helping make the process of recovery pass by quicker. It is also used interestingly in supplements. If you’re looking to buy these kinds of products you may want to do your research so that you may find the most suitable one for you.

This herbal concoction is more than just an athlete’s tool for recovery. It provides numerous advantages to its recipient, as it gives aid to a person’s heart, brain, bones, eyes, stomach and intestines, performing several different roles for each.


There are three main types of schedules for CBD. There is a regiment of taking it once or twice per day. There is another that allows you to take it once every two to three hours, and finally, a regiment of an hourly micro dosing. 

When looking for your desired dosage of miracle drug, make sure that it isn’t too little or too much since in either scenarios its proper effects will escape you. You’ll feel as if it hadn’t worked at all. If you are confused about the specifics of the dosage you should take, use a dosage calculator which should make things 100 times easier. And if you’re struggling with addiction disorder, and one of the many disorders and diseases, then this pain reliever is right for you. Depending on the dosage factors list, you can either increase the amount you take or decrease it. 

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