How to Clean Pipes and Bongs

how to clean a bongHere’s the best way to clean pipes and bongs

Stoners are always asking us how to clean their glass pipes and bongs. In fact how to clean a bong or how to clean a pipe are two of the most commonly asked questions we get. That’s because stoners all know that glass bongs are pipes are awesome. Cleaning them—not so much. So stay tuned we’ve got tips on how to clean pipes and bongs without having to spend your money on an expensive bong cleaner. In fact we’ll teach you how to clean all your pipes and bongs using common household products.

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how to clean a glass pipeSkip the bong cleaner

There are bunch of products on the market like Formula 420, Grunge Off or Agent Orange that are specifically designed for cleaning pipes and bongs. They work great for cleaning pipes and bongs, but they’re expensive. If you’ve got money to burn go ahead and get some of these thigns, but we suggest you spend it on weed. That’s because the best way to clean a bong will also save you money. All you need are two thing that you probably have laying around the house right now; isopropyl alcohol and salt. That’s all you need. So get yourself a nice big bottle of each and let’s get going, eh?

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how to clean a bowlHow to clean a bong

To clean your dirty-ass bong simply pour some isopropyl in the chamber and add a generous amount of salt. You might want to grab a small plastic baggie and place it over the mouthpiece securing it with a rubber band. That’ll help keep everything in place. Now swirl and shake the salt and iso solution until all the resin has been loosened or dissolved. Make sure you plug all the holes using your finger—you don’t want nasty bong water splashing all over the place.

You can use a rag around the small end of a wooden spoon to help loosen stubborn particles, but be careful—you paid a lot of money for those perks and shit and you don’t want to break ‘em.

Once all the resin is nice and loose pour everything out. Now rinse and shake again using some hot water. If there’s still some resin left in your bong simply repeat the process.

how to clean a pipeHow to clean a pipe

Sure scraping your pipe is always an option. It works in a pinch. But scraping bowls for weed is not only tedious and smelly it never really gets the job completely done. Again you can use a bong cleaner product or you can go the el-cheapo route with iso, salt and a baggie. Yup, just drop your spoon, chillum, bubbler or whatever in a zip lock baggy or little tuperware container add some warm water, salt, iso and get to shaking.

How to clean a bowl w/out work

Here’s how to clean a glass pipe without really having to do anything. Place your pipe or bowl in a small container and fill it with some rubbing alcohol. Next smoke a joint and forget about it—come back about a day later and most of the resin should have dissovled. Now run some warm water through your piece. Now just let it air dry and it should be as good as new.

Have any tips or tricks on how to clean pipes and bongs? Can you recommend any products that keep ’em clean while you smoke or making cleaning easier? Let us know in the comments section below.

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