How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Here's How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Here’s how to germinate marijuana seeds

In today’s post we’re going to show you how to germinate marijuana seeds. Sure, you can germinate any marijuana seed, even the ones you’ve been collecting over the years from the various bags of weed you’ve bought. Allegedly that’s how the legendary Chemdawg strain started. Chemdawg decided to germinate some seeds he found at the bottom of a bag of weed he picked up at a Grateful Dead show and the rest is history, man. Good thing he knew how to germinate seeds, right?

What’s that, Jerry’s gone and The Dead are no longer touring? Don’t worry, dude, there are plenty of companies out there selling quality marijuana seeds online. In fact you can find ChemDawg seeds at just about any reputable seed bank.

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The benefit of purchasing seeds from a seed bank is that you’ll have a good idea of what each seed will produce. That information will help you determine how the plant will grow—dictating the amount of space and the conditions you’ll need to maintain in order to raise her right. It’ll also help you get an idea of the effects your plant will produce when consumed.

Here's How to Germinate Marijuana SeedsMarijuana seeds can be both male or female. That means you should germinate twice the amount of seeds that you intend to grow. That way post-germination you’ll get five boy and five girl pot plants. You could also grab some feminized seeds. Many seedbanks sell feminized seeds that are chemically treated and have about a 95% chance of becoming female. Another popular product are autoflowering marijuana seeds. Plants from these seeds grow to a certain height then automatically start flowering without any changes to their lighting schedule. And of course seedbanks sell feminized autoflowering seeds as well.

How to germinate marijuana seeds

After you’ve picked up some quality weed seeds there are three main conditions required to a successful germination: darkness, moisture, warmth. And there are several techniques that ensure seeds get these requirements, but the paper towel method does the trick and it’s fairly stoner-proof, man.

All you need to germinate marijuana seeds using the paper towel method are two paper plates and a couple moist paper towels. Place a few wet moist paper towels on the plate. Gently place the seeds on the paper towel—making sure not to touch the seeds with your hands. Give the seeds some space to breath. Then cover them with another moist paper towel and place that second plate on top to form a clam shell.

Here's How to Germinate Marijuana SeedsPut the plates somewhere warm and away from direct light. Check your seeds every day to make sure that the towels don’t dry out—spray them with water if necessary. Within a few days the some or all of the seeds should open and put out a tiny li’l sprout. Most seeds will pop within 72 hours, but some stubborn ass seeds may need up to 10 days or even two weeks.

How to plant marijuana seedlings

After germination and once the sprouts reach a few millimeters in length it’s time to carefully transfer each seed to a small container of growing medium—soil, coco or rockwool. Make a hole in the growing medium that is about twice as deep as the seed and sprout are long. Place the seed, root first, into the hole and cover it with a enough growing medium to block light, but not obstruct the seed while it tries to emerge. Seedlings usually emerge from the growing medium 24 to 72 hours after the germinated seeds are planted.

Here's How to Germinate Marijuana SeedsIf you’re looking to grow outdoors make sure to acclimatize your seedlings by placing them near a window inside the house and increasing their exposure to direct sunlight by an hour or two each day. Seedlings intended for indoor growing can go directly under fluorescent lights without any problems. If you’re using HID lighting, the seeds should be kept a minimum distance of 24 to 36 inches from the bulb.

Have any tips on how to germinate seeds or germination in general? Let us know in the comments below..

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