How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

medical marijuana cardHow to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

Legally obtaining your medical marijuana card is simple and easy. We discuss a 4-step process that is needed to legally obtain your medical card and buy marijuana.

Getting a medical marijuana card requires you to go through strict procedures set by your respective state. Before you’re allowed to enter a dispensary, you’ll need your medical card or a recommendation from your doctor.

Depending on your illness, you may or may not be a good candidate for medical marijuana. Marijuana is a good option for:

  • Chronic pain
  • Acute injuries
  • Painful diseases

Marijuana prescribers will evaluate your needs and determine if marijuana can help ease your pain and suffering. Every patient is different, but receiving your card or recommendation is a process that is standard throughout the country. You’ll need to follow these steps to get your card:

Visit a Licensed Doctor
The first step in this multi-step process is to visit a licensed medical marijuana doctor. This is a doctor that can legally write you a recommendation that is needed to apply for a card in your state.
You can find local doctors at for instance.

Receive Your Recommendation
The doctor you visit will evaluate you and determine if marijuana is a good option to help you control your pain. If you’re a good candidate, a recommendation will be provided. In the event that your ailment will not benefit from the use of marijuana, the doctor may be able to provide you with another alternative to pain and symptom relief outside of medical marijuana.

get a medical marijuana card
How do you get a medical marijuana card? Simply dial.

Apply With the State
In the event that a recommendation is provided, you will need to apply for your card with the state. The state will do a thorough examination of your paperwork and the recommendation of your doctor before approving or declining your card.

Most people are approved as long as a recommendation from a local licensed doctor is provided. Fees will be necessary at this time. Many cards are valid for one year, and renewal fees may apply depending on your state of residency. Some states will require a full evaluation for renewal that will require you to visit a doctor and receive a new recommendation. The review process is fast, so expect a decision within a few weeks.

Receive Your Card
Once the card is received, you are free to visit your local dispensary and purchase medical marijuana. Please note that some dispensaries will only require that you have a recommendation before purchase and may be able to provide you with marijuana before a medical card is provided.

All dispensaries have to follow the guidelines of the state, so you will need to provide proof of identification as well as your doctor’s recommendation and your medical marijuana card when applicable.

Do you have your doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana? How difficult was it to obtain? Did you get it online or in person? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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