How to Get Weed Out of Your System

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Looking for help on how to get weed out of your system? Well that can mean only one thing, man. You’re looking for info on how to pass a drug test, right? Okay that’s the whole point of this column—to teach you how to pass a drug test fast. And that starts with learning how to get THC out of you system.

PRO TIP 1: Buy a few home drug test kits from Amazon and practice your preferred method for passing a marijuana drug test. That way you’ll know beforehand whether or not it works.

PRO TIP 2: Pass a drug test without even worrying about a thc detox. Use synthetic urine. As long as you can smuggle it in and it’s the right temperature, you’ll pass every time. We suggest Sub-Solution but there are others.

How long does weed stay in your system? The amount of time your body holds onto traces of marijuana depends on a number of factors—how often you blaze, your metabolism, your weight and your overall health. The potency of the pot you consume also affects how long marijuana will stay in your system. Unfortunately nobody can really say how long you will test positive for pot, since the rate of THC metabolism varies per individual. However there are some common guidelines—according to WebM the amount of time marijuana stays in your system is anywhere from a week to a month, depending on how often you consume it.

Most importantly, however, to beating a drug test is understanding that the active ingredient in weed, the stuff that gets you high—THC—is fat soluble and stored in your fat cells. Getting it out of your system isn’t difficult but it is time consuming. So if you’re here because you need information on how to pass a drug test in 24 hours, don’t worry we’ll get to that near the end. But if you’ve got some time on your hands before passing a drug test and want to learn how to get weed out of your system here are some detoxification methods that are thought to help flush shit from your system.

Pass a Drug Test by drinking
Drinking fluids like water or cranberry juice could help you pass a drug test

Pass a Drug Test by Drinking

Want to learn how to pass a urine drug test? Start by increasing your fluid intake. Water itself won’t flush the THC from your fatty cells but excess water can help dilute the amount of THC residue in your urine sample. Don’t worry water is untraceable in a urine test. Starting drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day at least two or more days before your urine test. Sip the stuff, don’t chug and don’t worry about drinking more. You’re only looking to pass a drug test, specifically a urine drug test, you’re not looking to kill yourself. Keep in mind that you can’t overdose on marijuana but you can overdose on water. Drinking too much water can also get you called back for another drug test. Nobody wants and encore urine test. If you want add some cranberry juice to your water too boost flavor and detoxification power.

Pass a Drug Test by Eating Greens

Add a lot of vegetables to your diet. Grab a carrot, some celery or kale instead of fatty foods. Sure it’ll be hard to stay away from In-and-Out Burger but you need to focus on passing a drug test, son. Greasy-ass hamburgers and fries are high in fat. They’ll slow your digestive system making it less effective—inhibiting the detoxification process.

how to get weed out of your system
We spend more time on getting weed into your system than on how to get weed out of your system

Passing a Drug Test with Herbs

Sure those drug testers are looking for herbal supplements—like weed—in your urine. But you can beat those motherfuckers at their own game by taking herbal supplements designed specifically to enhance detoxification and help get all that built-up weed out of your system. Look for Psyllium seeds, Milk Thistle or Cayenne. There are also plenty of green and herbal teas that are excellent detoxifiers.

These herbals supplements not only taste rockin’ they also support the liver in detoxifying the body as well as aiding with elimination. While these supplements are great for your health, and improving your health can improve the detoxification process—they probably won’t help speed up the time it will take for your body to nix the THC stored in your system. If you really want to know how to get weed out of your system—you’ll have to get up off your ass and move.

how to get marijuana out of your system
How to get marijuana out of your system? In a word—exercise.

Exercise the Weed Out

Looking for the best way how to get weed out of your system? Exercise is it, man. Because THC is stored in fat cells burning fat through heavy aerobic exercise—like jogging, biking, swimming, even Ganja Yoga—will raise your metabolism and your body’s ability to process and release THC stored in them fat cells. Exercise will also boost your water intake further purifying your system. Of course exercise is the answer, right? Nobody said getting rid of THC in your fat cells was gonna be easy, dude. Well smoking pot while doing yoga might not be that bad?

How to Pass a Drug Test in 24 Hours

A lot of people are searching for info on how to pass a drug test in 24 hours. If you’re looking for ways on how to pass a drug test in 24 hours you might be bummed because it may be too late. If you have a urine drug test in 24 hours your best bet might be to try a detox drink or chug water and cranberry juice to help dilute your urine to a THC level that’s acceptable. You’ll only need to drink 3 to 4 hours before your drug test.

Pass a Drug Test With Synthetic Urine

You might think synthetic urine, fake urine, fake piss, fake pee is gross but there are actual uses for this stuff. Actually real human pee is what’s gross. Fake pee, not as much. Because it’s toxin free it’s what drug test labs use to calibrate their equipment. Does synthetic urine work for drug tests? Yes, dude. Synthetic urine works perfectly to pass a ua test. Worried about your fake urine being detected as synthetic? Won’t happen if you purchase a quality product like Sub-Solution. It’s completely undetectable, comes with a chemical heating powder to warm it up and a 200% money back guarantee. Check out our page on using fake pee for more information including our best synthetic urine reviews.

Anyhow we hope this posts helps you guys understand how to get marijuana out of your system so you can pass your marijuana drug test with flying colors. Oh and here’s some info on how to pass a mouth swab drug test aka a saliva test in case you need it.

Good luck and let us know your ideas on how to pass a drug test in the comments below.

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  1. Jet

    I will never pass a drug test for the rest of my life…lol…

  2. SmOkN on herbz

    Up in smoj

  3. Anonymous

    Stop smoking

  4. Taylor

    The best way ive found is sip water all day long do alot of running and i mean alot and chug alot of water right before the test i did this and got clean in 2 days

  5. Taylor

    Also if your a guy jack off right before the test and the night before

  6. Ninjette

    If you are going to write on a subject, then you should gather all facts first. There are several things that could be added to help people like NO exercise if your test is within a couple weeks. Your body needs time to break down fat cells, and having them break down within those couple weeks only adds to the THC levels. Just one of many facts that are not mentioned here. I hope everyone does their research.

  7. Asa

    This question is for you Ninjette… How could not smoking and getting lots of exercise for a couple weeks “add” to your THC levels? If you do the amount of research I have, it’s more than possible for a skinny guy who weighs 145 to get clean in weeks with lots of exercise and a Ketogenic diet. You should look into Ketogenics or Keto dieting. It’s a low carb, high fat diet. It basically converts your body into using fat as a primary energy source, rather than carbs. What this does is makes your body burn more fat instead of storing it because it doesn’t have the carbs it needs to compromise. Since the body doesn’t have enough carbs to convert to energy, it burns fat instead of storing it while burning carbs. So lots of exercise with high fat intake and very little carbs and protein makes your body burn more fat quicker. It takes a max of 5 days to convert your Body to keto and to see results.

  8. Anonymous

    Ugh I have a drug test in 3 days. I am 15 and I am on probation and if I drop dirty I will get locked up for 18 mouths. I need to get clean fast

  9. Eyesmoke

    For Anonymous….Like you I to am in the same boat…cept mine is for a job but I am on probation…so my advice to you and me is….Go with the drink flushes…$20.00 save a lot of mess to go through…

  10. SchoolStudent

    I am going for my test tomorrow feeling like my whole life depends on it. Hope this works may put my chances of having a bright future at risk 🙁 whats worse is I do it in my own time and not at school

  11. montanandontplay

    I’m a chronic pain patient..weed really helps my PTSD..I need to piss clean for weed dirty for oxy..I did a low fat diet plus a lot of water and cranberry juice for a week..on test day I did the aspirin and midol thing..the doc happens to be the medical director and really strict..I PASSED my test..when she informed me I passed I asked her if she was sure about that..I’ve been toking since the 70’s.

  12. montanandontplay

    another appointment another ua..but this time no midol..the diuretic ingredient is caffeine. midol also has a whopping dose of 500 mgs of tylenol..not good. drugs such as vicodin..Percocet..loricet..have 500 and more milligrams of Tylenol which the FDA has recently frowned upon and are now utilizing a somewhat safer 325 mgs of tylenol
    that said I can obtain something with no tylenol but more caffeine such as no-doze or vivarin. IDK why many authors have recommended midol but for my nearly 60 year old liver I can obtain a better and safer caffeine dose to accomplish my diuretic need.

  13. al

    hey montanandontplay, what is the aspirin and midol thing for? is that part of the cleaning or was it for the oxy part?

  14. What's my name

    Yeah what’s the aspirin and midol thing? I got one coming up POSSIBLY for probation in about 9 days. That’s plenty of time to get clean yeah? But how??? I’m new to this even tho I’m over 40 yrs old. Lol. Please tell me.

  15. Unknown

    I have to report to my staffing agency at 5 am tomorrow and need to pass my pee test before leaving for the assignment . I have about $10 on me. How can I pass my test in the morning ?

  16. Copediper

    Hey I heard that you drop a couple drops of eyedrops in your piss and it makes it clean

  17. Colo thc vaper

    The eyedropper doesn’t work. If you have to take a test in the morning I would start drinking Gatorade and drink it all night. Mixing vitamins , like multi Will give your urine the properties it needs other than voided Gatorade

  18. fuck1time

    Nician, b12,c,kreatine, even if you Hydrated your urine stream clear it’s all good b12 colors your urine yellow flush and flush don’t forget your vitamins kids, I have passed spin test using this method stay away from benadryl it will cause a false positive for thc

  19. Wayne

    I can vouch for fruit pectin, worked for me with just water on probation

  20. Daijon Williams

    I been taken nicains pills and working out will that help the weed get out my system

  21. Tarheel

    I have a piss test on February 1st I’ve been smoking for the past 3 months straight everyday… On new years I told my family I would stop. They said that they will piss test me in a month… can I come up clean because this is a big deal. I promised them I would stop even though I didn’t have to.. But I feel I need to come up clean how can I do it..

  22. That one guy

    Im going to meps in a week and a half and i need to get clean fast because this is my future right here one shot and i need to be clean fast any tips to help get it out of my system fast

  23. ClassyAsf

    I haven’t blazed in like 4 weeks and I don’t hit that often just every now and then, but I been drinking water and cranberry juice, and I love fruit. Lol do you think I’ll pass? What else do I need to do?

  24. Hopeful stoner

    Haven’t smoked for 24 hrs , and have a drug test in 8-9 more hours. I have drank a half gallon of water, and took 4 pre cleanse herbal detoxify pills. Also going to drink a 32 oz xpulsion drink + 32 oz of water after that. Wondering if I’m good? My odds I’m think are about 67% posivitive and a 33% negative. My odds are probably worse but I’m being hopeful lol

  25. Angie

    Im angie im 17 Im scared i have a drug test on thursady if i fail it imma be put away for 2 yrs how can i get it out my system asap

  26. Kidd

    I have a piss test tomorrow and i smoked today but i haven’t smoked in 2 months what should i do??

  27. me

    What’s the most efficient thing u guys have done that actually passed a piss test that’s sent to a lab? I got one for a job in 2 weeks.

  28. Shane

    I haven’t smoked in about 2-3 weeks, an im taking a drug test in about a week, before I stopped smoking due to a drug test coming up in a week, I smoked every day for about a year, I’m 13, weigh 135 and I have really fast metabolism, does anyone think I’ll be straight for the drug test in a week? Or no?

  29. 👽

    what is the most effective way to pass a drug test in 24 hours

  30. Geak

    Im a heavy smoker i smoke everyday im about 160 lbs and gotta be clean from thc in three days. Any advive

  31. montanandontplay

    @ All
    Heyy sorry man I’m getting back to you a year late but I will answer now..others could benefit from my experience as well..
    The aspirin tends to mess with the several variants of the EMIT test making it susceptible to being more liberal measuring the pot metabolite THC COOH..the Midol taken a few hours before the test makes you urinate more frequently and really flushes out ones system when drinking bottles of water.. I drink four 20 ouncers before I give my UA all in all over the 5 hours before my test.
    All I’m doing is giving a sample of urine having less than 50 ng / kg cutoff line. I’m used to smoking up to 3 days before my scheduled UA the doing my routine on test day and passing no questions asked. It helps to take a vitamin pill during the prep to keep the urine is yellowish color since they question clear samples. Its important to note that I’m fake passing my UA and not getting “clean”. I’m a pot activist and enjoy my weed. Others should follow their own conscience.

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