How to Grind Weed With a Homemade Weed Grinder

how to grind weedHow to grind weed with a homemade weed grinder

So you’ve got weed, want to roll a joint, but have no way to grind it. We’ve been there. If you plan on smoking more than that one single joint you should invest in a weed grinder. A good weed grinder is expensive and if you’ve only got enough money for one of ’em or a bag of weed—get the weed. If you’ve got some money to spare, we suggest using it on a nice weed grinder. You’ll thank yourself the next time your and smoke a nicely crafted joint. Speaking of joints, you know we sell Stuff Stoners Like signature rolling papers, right? Right now they’re only available in select headshops and dispensaries on the West Coast or available at our weedmaps shop, (which still hasn’t launched after 9 months of waiting) but soon we’ll be offering them here.

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Anyhow our friends from Kerline sent over about a dozen grinders for us to kick down and a couple for us to test. Stay tuned for a full review and how to win one in an upcoming post. So far we really dig it. It’s light weight and lot cheaper than the 5-piece SharpStoner grinder we’ve used for years. You can score a Kernline Weed Grinder on Amazon for less than $13. We definitely recommend it. But enough about store-bought weed grinder. You’ve got weed that you want to consume right now. You’re not trying to wait for the postman you want get get stoned now. So  here are your five best options for making a homemade grinder:

Homemade grinder options

Don’t have a weed grinder handy? Make a DIY weed grinder, man. It’s easy and just takes a few ordinary household objects. Here are a few suggestions on how to make a weed grinder when you’re in a pinch:

Small scissors and shot glass – Here’s how to make a grinder that actually works. This is a tried and true, fool proof method. You don’t need a shot glass, man. Ever drink sake? How about coffee. Either one of those glasses will be fine, man. You just want something to catch the weed as your cutting it so it doesn’t go flying all over the place. Just drop your bud in the glass and start snipping. The smaller and pointy-er the scissors, the better.

Coffee grinder – Like grinding spice for curry or coffee for waking the fuck up in the morning, grinding weed is simple with one of these gadgets. You might want to clean it out really well so your weed doesn’t taste like garam masala and maybe after using it as a DIY weed so you don’t forget and wake and bake on accident. Pro tip? Don’t run it forever and grind your weed down to a power, you’re not making a protein shake dude.

Knife and cutting board – Knife and cutting board – This is an obvious option. Pretend your weed’s a bunch of parsley and get to chopping, dude. Try and use a heavy knife one that’s no serrated of course.

Medicine bottle and coin – Did you weed come in a pill bottle? Perfect. Drop in a clean dime and start shaking. Don’t lie to yourself, dude., and rub a dirty dime on your dirty-ass jeans and think it’s clean. Go wash that shit. Some snot-nosed little brad probably handled that dime right after eating a booger so be safe and wash that shit already. This method may take some time and effort, but it will be worth it in the long run because you’ll soon be stoned.

Using your fingers – Transform your fingers into a homemade weed grinder. Yep this is how cave man would bust up his weed. Well maybe they’d use a sharp rock or some shit, but that doesn’t mean you should resort to it. C’mon, dude, you’ve gotta have some scissors or a knife? You don’t? Cool, get to shredding. Try not to mash your weed or flatten it out while you tear it apart. And consider making some finger has with all that THC you wasted on your fingers.

DIY weed grinder FTW! There are probably several other options for a homemade weed grinder and methods for grinding that we’ve missed.

Have a special technique or DIY grinder that you’re particularly proud of? Let us know in the comments below…

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    Grinding is the equivalent to having the proper accessories when enjoying, it just makes the flavors explode with little to no waste due to running and a smooth continuous burn

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