How to Grow Weed 101

how to grow weed
Here’s a beginners guide on how to grow weed

How to Grow Weed 101

Want to learn how to grow weed? Cool we’re here to teach you how to grow. One of the best resources available online, from learning how to start and grow a healthy weed plant, to how long it takes to grow weed, to all to the latest advanced techniques on how to grow weed. Including how to produce a pound per light, can be found in our cultivation section. We work with several published authors to answer everything from questions on how to grow weed to how to set up a closet grow room. Interested in growing weed? Like we said—our cultivation section covering how to grow is great. However this How to Grow Weed 101 class will help you get started on your weed growing path.

Learning how to grow weed isn’t hard. So don’t trip. It just takes practice and patience. Smoke a joint and you’ll have plenty of patience. The more you grow the more you’ll know too. Dive in, dude, experience is right around the corner. There’s a reason why stoners call it weed in the first place, man. That’s because marijuana is a really hearty plant. And like a weed marijuana grows easily just about anywhere. That’s great. But one of the fundamental things to understand about how to grow marijuana is that weed plants are flowering plants. That means weed plants bear fruit only once during a year. That’s why weed plants are harvested every fall as daylight diminishes.

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weed plant
Close up of a juicy ripe bud on weed plant

How to grow weed indoors

Growing cannabis indoors, dude. We’ll teach you. A weed plant begins to flower as daylight hours diminish, right? So that means if you want to grow a weed plant inside all you have to do to get it to start budding is change the light schedule. Simple, right? Having the ability to change the light schedule or photoperiod is one of the benefits of growing cannabis indoors. It’s also a lot easier to control temperature and humidity when growing weed indoors as well. Managing pests is a lot easier too when growing marijuana indoors as opposed toout in the wild. Anyhow to get your pot plant to bud simply change your light schedule to 12 hours on and 12 hours off.

Of course you might want to get some HID lights (high-intensity discharge lights) if you want to grow cannabis that’s of connoisseur quality. HID lights—either an HPS (high-pressure sodium) or MH (metal halide)—can be expensive but worth the investment if you’re serious about growing weed. Might as well if you’re going to put the time and effort into learning how to grow weed, right?

If you’re looking to grow just one pot plant at home you have quite a few lighting options. A 250-watt HID light bulb can be found online for like 20 bucks. However HID light bulbs do require a specialized HID Reflector and a ballast. You can’t just screw HID lights into a standard home fixture. Of course you can get an HID kit that has everything. HID light kits may run as much as $200. But your first harvest will pay you back, dude. Promise.

While the plants are in the dark cycle it’s critical that they don’t get any light. A single drop of light will fuck up your flowering weed plants. It happens all the time. Light leaks during the dark cycle, no matter how small, will disrupt your pot plant’s flowering stressing and confusing the plant. A lot of times your female pot plant will turn into a hermaphrodite. That means your flowing weed plant is now both a female and a male. And you’ll get not only seeds, but really shitty weed. Plus those seeds will likely turn out to be hermies themselves. Moral? Try not to ever expose your growing cannabis to light during the dark cycle.

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pot plant
This pot plant has a really nice root mass

Bigger the root. Bigger the fruit.

Why not just start off a seedling, clone or baby weed plant under a 12/12 lighting schedule? You could. Technically a baby weed plant or a small pot plant will flower. But the smaller the pot plant the smaller the harvest. So why not just let your pot plant grow or vegetate until it becomes a nice sized-bush? A big weed plant with a huge root mass will deliver a lot more bud.

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To keep a pot plant in vegetation it needs a minimum of 16 hours of light. You could even get away with constant light if you needed. But that’s slow down the growth of your weed plants. Fluorescent bulbs such as T5’s, T8’s or even CFL’s can emit enough light to keep your pot plant in a vegetative state.

Good luck on your next growing pot project. Marijuana growing is fun, rewarding and easy. Like we said, don’t trip. If you have any questions on weed plants, growing cannabis indoors or on how how to grow cannabis in general—no matter how small—hit us up. We’ll ask our experts for help and publish the results. Helping others on their marijuana grow. That’s the best way best way to grow weed. Our contact info is above or you can ask your weed growing question in the comment section below.

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    what is the difference between sodium versus halide and when to apply?

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    1st time trying here….. When my seeds sprout, for some reason they all shoot up to like 6-8 inches in height the first few days, leaving a long skinny stalk that tends to fall over…. how do I prevent this?

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