How To Grow Weed Indoors

white widowHere’s How to Grow Weed Indoors

Want to learn how to grow indoor weed, dude? We’re here teach you. You know that a healthy weed plant begins to flower as daylight hours diminish, right? Well that means if you want to grow a weed plant idoors all you have to do to get it to start budding is change the light schedule. Having the ability to alter the photoperiod is one of the benefits of growing cannabis indoors. It’s easier to control temperature and humidity when growing weed indoors as well managing pests. To get your pot plant to bud simply change your light schedule to 12 hours on and 12 hours off.

If you want to grow cannabis that’s of connoisseur quality you might want to get some HID lights (high-intensity discharge lights). HID lights—either an HPS (high-pressure sodium) or MH (metal halide)—can be expensive but worth the investment if you want to grow really good weed.

If you’re looking to grow just one pot plant at home you have quite a few lighting options. A 250-watt HID light bulb can be found online for like 20 bucks. You can’t just screw HID lights into a standard home fixture so you’ll need a specialized HID Reflector and a ballast. Of course you can get an HID kit that has everything. HID light kits may run as much as $200.

While the plants are in the dark cycle it’s critical that they don’t get any light. Light leaks during the dark cycle, no matter how small, will disrupt your pot plant’s flowering stressing and confusing the plant. A lot of times your female pot plant will turn into a hermaphrodite. That means your flowing weed plant is now both a female and a male. And you’ll get not only seeds, but lesser-strength weed. Plus those seeds will likely turn out to be hermies themselves. Moral? Try not to ever expose your growing cannabis to light during the dark cycle.

Interested in growing weed indoors? You’ve come to the right place. We teamed-up with expert herb grower, Mel Thomas, author of Cannabis Cultivation: A Complete Grower’s Guide, published by Green Candy Press to answer questions on growing marijuana indoors.

How to grow indoor weed

QUESTION: I’m a beginner and I want to learn how to grow weed indoors step by step. Or at least get your advice on how to get started growing weed indoors. I have purchased the below items. I will have a very small garden, maybe a weed plant or two. In fact I can probably fit up to four. I would like to be as frugal as possible until I develop my green thumb. I am also beginning with seeds from my stash (hopefully, they will yield at least 2 females). Have I begun in the right direction to get started growing weed indoors? Also how do I know if I am growing a hermaphrodite?

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AK-47 potPurchased:
pH Down, thermometer, hygrometer and SUPERThrive.

2 Reflecter
2 Extender
2 Y splitter
4 Outlet adapter

Grow Stage:
4 cfl 42 watt 6500k

Flowering Stage:
4 cfl 42 watt 2700k

ANSWER: For a guide on how to grow weed indoors step by step I recommend grabbing my book. In it I have a detailed section that’s all about how to grow weed indoors for beginners. But you can always search online for information on how to grow a weed plant indoors if you get stuck or just need a question answered. The interweb is great for that kind of information.

I would not recommend using marijuana seeds collected from your stash if your just learning how to start growing weed indoors. It would be far better to start with feminized marijuana seeds with known genetics when learning how to grow weed indoors. These are available online and vary in price but you can pick up a good all round variety such as Northern Lights in packs of 5 or 10 feminized seeds quite reasonably priced. These will be guaranteed female plants, perfect for getting started for growing weed indoors because some of them can be used as mothers.

Hermaphrodite plants will have both male and female flowers. It’ll happen while growing marijuana indoors and you accidentally expose your plants to light during the dark cycle. If that have a hermaphrodite it will show small round, green male flowers developing as well. If you do have a hermaphrodite it should be removed at once.

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When it comes growing pot indoors organic compost mixes are your best bet when you’re first starting out. Especially because they are more forgiving and in my opinion produce a better crop than hydroponics. You shouldn’t have a problem with your chosen nutrients.

The one thing I would probably not use are the cfl’s – you would be better off growing marijuana indoors using a small HPS lamp for both growth and flowering. You can get a 250 watt high pressure sodium lamp pretty cheap or even make one yourself from an industrial low bay lamp (just Google them).

Growing weed indoors requires a minimum of 50-watts of HPS (6000 lumens) per 30cm2 (1 sq ft) of illuminated area:
1 x 70-watt HPS = 30cm x 30cm garden
1 x 250-watt HPS = 60cm x 60cm garden
1 x 400-watt HPS = 85cm x 85cm garden
1 x 600-watt HPS = 105cm x 105cm garden
1 x 1000-watt HPS = 120cm x 120cm garden

Have any more questions about how to grow weed indoors? Leave your questions in the comment section below and we’ll get one of our experts that specialize in growing weed indoors answer it for ya and publish it on our blog.


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  1. David Aquarius

    I agree with the expert for the most part.  But, as a small grower, I have found that certain limitations preclude some of his suggestions: HPS lights are far better than CFL but are HOT!  Small grows are notorious for becoming hot boxes real quick if substantial air control isn’t used.  Removing hot air from a CFL is a lot easier and requires fewer structural modifications than HPS.  If you got the resources and the space, go for it but if you live in a rental house or apt. CFL’s are an acceptable alternative.  Less hassle, no need to cut holes in your landlord’s wall. Organic compost is fantastic but is prone to bugs.  A small grow would be decimated very quickly if a bad batch of soil is used.  Again, if you got the space and the resources, go for it.  A couple of buckets with a DWC system is easy to make and cheap.  Hydro is a great way to grow if you can’t go outside or don’t want to deal with bugs. (Yes, hydro systems can still get bugs but at least they didn’t come in with the dirt)  Seeds are the source.  Good seeds mean good smoke.  Bunk seeds mean schwag.  The best way is buy online at a good seed company, check for promos and sales.  If that’s not possible, talk to your ‘guy’ to see if clones are available.  No?  All you got is a few bag seeds.  Well, grow ’em.  Understand that the weed won’t be OG Kush or Plushberry but it’ll be yours.  Besides, if this is your first grow, consider it practice.  Save your pennies and get real seeds as soon as you can.  I grew real good weed back in the late ’70s with the seeds I got from bags of brown crap weed that came up from Mexico or Columbia.  What made the weed shit wasn’t the genetics but the trip to the NW.  Tightly bundled male and female plants, partially dried and stored in a dank, musty cargo hold for months before I got it.  The crap I smoked wasn’t the fault of the seeds.  So, your seeds may surprise you.  Again, no dig on the expert, all of his advice is top of the line.  Heed it if you can but let your resources tell you the best way to go.  (or grow) -Dr. Zhang

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