How to Make Edibles in One Pic

special marijuana brownies

How to Make Edibles

Q: What do you call brownies without any weed in ’em?

Seriously…if you can’t deduce how to make edibles, basically everybody’s favorite edible—weed brownies—from this single pic…(sent to us by @SmokeMadBarry) you’re probably STONED. And, that’s a good thing, man. But we’ll we’ll break it down for ya, dude. Ready to make the best weed brownies ever? Cool. Keep this technique in mind if you’re looking to make other edibles like cannabutter cookies or stuff like space cake or weed cake in the middle of the night. Anyhow here’s how to make edibles easily and quickly:

1.) Grab a few hand-fulls of that shake right there in that brown bag and toss it into that white coffee, er uhm…we mean…herb grinder.

2.) For as long as you can stand…24 hours, 8 hours, 6 hours, 2 hours…whatever, using the stove on a low flame, or better yet…a crock-pot…simmer that ground-up shake in that butter, you see up there in that pic…behind the paper bag of trim. Strain that shit through a cheese-cloth when you’re done.

3.) Follow the directions on the back of the box of brownies and substitute the oil for the herb-butter ya just made.

Don’t agree? Why don’t you tell us how to make edibles in the comments section below. Oh and if you’d like to get all high tech and make edibles from cannabis concentrates that you can make from scratch check out our latest post on how to make cannabutter with the Source counter top extactor.

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