How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

pass a hair drug testHow to pass a hair drug test

So you’re facing a hair follicle test, huh? Have no fear, man. Passing a drug test especially a hair follicle test is easy. That’s because you don’t have to study and because we’ve got a really simple and effective suggestion that you can employ to help you pass a hair drug test—get a detox shampoo. But let’s arm you with a bit of information about the dreaded hair follicle test first. If you need general information check out our in-depth article on how to pass a drug test. If you’re looking for a detox shampoo and want to skip ahead we’ve listed the best detox shampoos below along with at-home hair drug test kits so you can treat your hair and keep testing until your hair is clean enough pass.

Also in case you’re up against a urine drug test, we recommend fake pee. Our favorite is Sub Solution. We’ve got many testimonials in the comment section on our site saying that the stuff works, as long as you use the included heating powder. Also here’s a list ways you can detox for drug test purposes.

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What is a hair follicle test?

The hair follicle drug test was originally designed to detect heavy long-term drug users. Interestingly enough though most employers aren’t looking for drugs like LSD or shrooms, or popular prescription drugs like Oxycodone, Vicodin, AN627, or Watson 3202. Unless you play for a professional sport or are training for the Olympics employers aren’t looking for anabolic steroids either, dude. What are they most-likely looking to find? Marijuana.

How a hair follicle drug test works

A hair follicle is a skin organ that produces hair. The hair follicle drug test works because your hair needs blood to grow. It gets that blood via the root of the hair follicle. So when you smoke pot your body producing metabolites. Those metabolites are deposited on your hair. As your hair grows and stores metabolites it keeps a record of your pot smoking kind of like how the rings of a tree record the changing of the seasons.

hair drug test
So you’re facing a hair drug test, huh?

How long does weed stay in your hair?

Most employersstill rely on the urine and blood tests when screening for drugs because they can see recent drug use. We’re talking pot-smoking no further back than a few days. But unfortunately while some drugs will wash through your system over time, THC traces tend to appear approximately 5 days after you smoke marijuana and remain in your hair until you cut it. That means even the occasional weekend stoner or the first-time pot smoker can fail a hair follicle test. A hair follicle test can deliver highly accurate results about your pot smoking activities during the last 90 days though. Also because hair grows at a low and steady pace, a hair drug test can also reveal when you started and stopped smoking weed.

What’s worse is that a hair follicle test can be performed using hair from anywhere on your body—even pubes. That means your employer will know what you did last summer, we mean, your employer will know if you smoked weed over the summer.

You could of course shave your head and your entire body including your eyebrows. About five days prior to your hair follicle drug test stop smoking weed and get out the the clippers and a razor go for it. There are a couple flaws to this method however.

First many employers will automatically fail you if you walk into the test center hairless. Plus you’ll probably have to convince your employer that you’re training for a spot on the Olympic swim team and that’s why you shaved every hair off your body a few days before your hair drug test. Second your employer will then most likely perform a mouth swab drug test, a blood test or urine test. But there are a few methods that could help you

t kid has lots a hair follicles
Vice’s Marijuana Guru T. Kid has long hair and a Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like poster

Wash. Rinse. Beat hair follicle test.

Drug metabolites stored in your hair are chemically and structurally bonded to your hair shaft core. That means they can’t simply be washed, scrubbed or bleached out with conventional shampoos or cleaners. Only medical grade hair detoxification shampoos can remove the traces of drugs and the metabolites they produce from your hair. There is no single method or product out there that will guarantee that you’ll beat a hair follicle test but there are a few products with up to 200% money-back guarantees. That seems like a lot of money to give back so maybe there’s something to these products, right?

What’s a detox shampoo?

Hair detoxification shampoo was originally designed as a medical contaminant removal product to eliminate toxins and toxin metabolites from prescription medications and medications administered during surgeries. It has an acidic base that destroys toxin metabolites from all sources—including marijuana, but won’t damage your hair. We scoured the net reading customer testimonials and found that only a few hair detox shampoos really work. Most fail because they can’t get into the hair follicle where THC traces live. As with most things, you get what you pay for so keep an eye on prices.

We recommend the following five detox shampoos. They are listed by rating:

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

We also recommend getting an at-home hair drug test kit. That way you can treat your hair and then test to see if you’d pass a hair follicle test. If there are still too many toxins in your hair keep washing and testing your hair until you know you’ll pass. These at home test may be pricey but they’re the only way you’ll know for sure if you’ll pass a hair drug test before you take the one that may cost you your job.

Based on user reviews and ratings we recommend these three at home hair follicle drug test kits:

Good luck beating your hair follicle test, man. If you bought one of the products above please let us know how it worked for you in the comments below. Also if you have any suggestions or advice on how to detox for drug test purposes please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Anonymous


  2. Lasalle

    I have to take a follicle test for nicotine I have my smoked weed in 3 months now this all for a high paying job

  3. Giving Hope, I passed

    Ok, heres my story of how I PASSED in 6 days. Female, Caucasian (very soft, fine, thin hair), 3 feet long, blonde/light brown, with highlights.

    I knew I had a test coming….but had no idea it would be a hair test. So I smoked 1.5 weeks prior; quite a bit for 3 days. So the search for a detox shampoo began. I read a lot of forums, reviews were bad, I was freaking out and had no desire to cut my hair or bleach it. For 4 days straight I shampooed my hair twice in the shower both am and pm. I scrubbed the scalp and lathered the shampoo really good. For probably 10-15 minutes each shampoo/wash. (Oh and I read something about how the hair needs to open up these layer type things that are on our stands. So I didn’t condition my hair at all. Hoping those things would stay stuck out and as much shampoo as possible could get to the shaft.) Then I read something called Neutrogena T-gel extra strength that you can get at wal-mart. So i did. on the 5th day I washed 2 times in the am again and then in the evening i washed 8 times with the t-gel. (this crap stinks and kept me up all night) On the 6th day, day of the test I again washed 8 times with the t-gel then I used 2 boxes of the Purified Brand Omni Shampoo. I used one whole box, following their time recommendations. Then I used the entire second box following the time suggested.

    They took quite a bit of hair from the lower part of my head. They also offered armpit and somewhere else, but unfortunately I cut them off and said I don’t have armpit hair, head please. And today I found out I passed. Hope to help others….

  4. Kris

    I used Zydot and self-tested my hair at a lab and I passed. I then passed the real test with it. I used to take Lortabs back then, and I had quit smoking weed for about a month at that time. But now I have to take another one. I quit smoking about 2.5 to 3 months. I can’t remember exactly when. It’s close although I was a daily smoker, a quarter would last me about a month, so it probably wasn’t a lot. I do see some bad reviews out there on Zydot. I think I should use the Zydot again because it worked twice, but you’re still always nervous.

  5. Sobermom

    Seriously? This is absolutely horrible. How about trying NOT using drugs.

  6. Mremaculent

    Are there any advice for an African American male with dreadlocs? I have to take a hair test in a week for a job. I understand my texture of hair is different, or does it matter?

  7. Weatherman730

    Hey guys, I will have an interview for a job within the next 2 weeks. If I get the job it’s going to be a hair drug test. Here’s my history..

    Quit for 4 months starting in March 2016

    Smoked for a weekend maybe 2 or 3 times, end of July

    Smoked another weekend 2 or 3 times/Adderall in August. Quit for another month. Took a few bowl rips. Two weeks ago I took 3 bowl rips. I have been clean for 2 weeks. What are my chances looking like? I am due for a haircut but am trying to postpone it as long as possible to make sure clean hair is tested. Kind of freaking out right now because it’s a good paying job. I am very infrequent and have read all sorts of posts about how infrequent users don’t usually test positive. Thanks for any help!


  8. teeshirtsnfries

    did you get the job ?

  9. need to pass

    Mremaculent I have been reading that African americans have been passinh using bleach and redye and lye relaxers. This will destroy your hair and u will prob Have to cur off all your dreds but it has been workimg for most african americans from what i read. Im not telling you to do this and it will prob leave burns from the chemicals. Its up to you how bad u need to pass.

  10. need to pass

    My friend just had a hair test done wednesday, white light brown hair, smokes dabs daily, and smokes cigs she did a modified macujo and two bleaches with 40 vol developer 45 min and a bleach and redye. She is waiting for results will post when she gets them. I will say her head is very burned from the chemicals and she is regreting doing this cuz she is prob Gonna have to cut all her hair. She is also contemplating getting the burns looked at by a doc to make sure it heals correctly. I wouldnt recomend it is very painful and she threw up from the pain. Now paying for it and may need further treatment to heal her scalp. Be careful, dont do this

  11. need to pass

    My friend just had a hair test done wednesday, white light brown hair, smokes dabs daily, and smokes cigs she did a modified macujo and two bleaches with 40 vol developer 45 min and a bleach and redye. She is waiting for results will post when she gets them. I will say her head is very burned from the chemicals and she is regreting doing this cuz she is prob Gonna have to cut all her hair. She is also contemplating getting the burns looked at by a doc to make sure it heals correctly. I wouldnt recomend it is very painful and she threw up from the pain. Now paying for it and may need further treatment to heal her scalp. Be careful, dont do this i have been helping her repair her scalp with neosporin and vitamin E..helpong somewhat this was really stupid thing to do.

  12. need to pass

    Will post results when she gets them tho. If she passes she will have to go to work with her hair all jacked up…she is prob gonna cut it very short and sport a new doo for a bot till it grows out…oh yeah she quit smoking and is looking at kratom for her anxiety.

  13. ashley

    Hey there
    I have an opportunity at an amazing job that would pay good money and help me pay for college as well. I want this job more then anything, it would be an easy hire because I would get it from a relative, there’s just one problem. ..
    I have experienced with marijuana off and on Just to enjoy it. I am not a heavy or regular smoker, maybe like once a month.
    I don’t know what kind of drug test it will be so I’m freaking out. All I know is I need this job so I can escape family drama and start my own life.

    Would I pass and how an I detox my hair and urine.???

  14. kyle

    I had about 20 hits or less not a regular pot smoker, I have a shaved head all the time, might be taking a hair test in 30 days will I pass. Does drinking lots of water help

  15. everyday smoker

    I have been an everyday all day stoner for the past year. I’m 5’11” tall 190 lbs with 25% body fat. I had to pass my drug test on short notice 2 days. My hair is dark brown with approximately 30% gray. After extensive research and commitment, I passed. First I bleached my hair with a 7 stage and volume 50 lifter. Next day I followed the macujo method. Only difference was I added activated charcoal to the Tide. Finished with Omni Cleansing Shampoo. The morning of the test. I did a macujo wash again with the charcoal and the Omni Cleanse Shampoo. Finally I added a semi permanent dye and conditioned. When I styled my hair with Got 2 Be Glued styling gel by Schwartzkoph. Hope this helps someone else.

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