How to Roll a Cone Joint

Cone Joint Stuff Stoners LikeHow to roll a cone

Rolling a cone joint isn’t hard. If you can roll a joint the old-fashioned way you’ll be able to roll a cone joint pretty much right off the bat. But first why do you need to know how to roll a cone joint? You don’t. But if you want to get a bunch of people high you’ll need more weed than the average joint can hold—even if you’re using King Size papers, son. So rolling a cone joint is perfect for situation where you want to get multiple people stoned or just when you want to smoke a lot of weed all by yourself. Plus if you can roll a cone joint you’ll probably impress your buds.

Want to learn how to roll a cone joint? Well to get started you’ll need a weed of course. We’re talking more weed than what you’d use for a normal joint. Yes, more weed than you’d even put in a King Size joint. You’ll also need a weed grinder (here’s how to grind weed without a weed grinder), a filter tip and rolling papers of course. We recommend Stuff Stoners Like King Size rolling papers, but our 1/14 size rolling papers will work just fine as well.

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Cone Joint Ingredients
Rolling a cone joint involves weed, papers, a weed grinder and a tip

Rolling a cone joint step by step

The cone joint is definitely stuff stoners like. Not only does it contain more cannabis than an average joint, it looks hella awesome. Like we said rolling a cone joint is easy it just takes practice. Okay. Ready. Here’s how to roll a cone joint in 5 easy steps:

Shape your cone joint
Shape your cone joint

Step One—Grab your rolling paper making sure the glue strip is at the top and facing up. Now instead of evenly distributing your weed across the paper, leave more weed toward the end of the paper opposite the filter.

Step Two—Use your thumbs and forefingers to twist the cone like a regular joint. Just make sure everything, weed, paper, glue strip are at a slant. This will ensure your joint will form a cone shape.

Cone Joint Rolling
When sealing your joint, keep the filter end tighter than the tip

Step Three—When sealing your joint, keep the filter end tighter than the tip. This will also help from that cool cone shape that so many stoners love.

Step Four—Lightly lick the glue strip and finish the roll.

Step Five—Lightly pack the weed down using a pencil or nail or whatever you’ve got lying around. Twist the top to help with ignition and so that no bud will fall out.

Cone Joint Stuff Stoners Like
A finished cone joint is definitely stuff stoners like

Now you’ve got a cone joint that you can share with your stoner friends. One that looks super dope, burns really well and was crafted by hand using the best papers available.

Have any tips on rolling a cone joint? Share ‘em in the comment section below.

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