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I Inhaled Rantings RamblingsI Inhaled, Rantings, Ramblings and Ravings of a Hippie Lawyer

I Inhaled—can’t say it any clearer, boasts the activist and practicing attorney Alan Stuart Graf, the author of the pot-fueled hippie adventure: I inhaled: Rantings, Ramblings and Ravings of a Hippie Lawyer. “Bill Clinton was ashamed and I am proud of the fact. Pot and psychedelics changed my life for the better. Use of these sacraments, particularly in the sixties helped transform my neurotic pimply faced mind into a psychedelic warrior mind.”

The self-proclaimed Hippie Lawyer and budding guitarist urged his teenage friend a pre-KISS Gene Simmons to learn the bass guitar and start their first band the Long Island Sounds. “We were about 14 at the time, and this other guitar player and I were playing Ventures [surf-rock] music with a cool cat drummer named Stan,” Graf wrote.

“But we needed a bass player. So I talked Gene into getting a bass. We went down to Manny’s Music Store in downtown Manhattan and picked him out a Paul McCartney imitation white bass. He was in love with it and kept on fantasizing that he was Paul and all the girls loved him because of his fine bass.”

Graf, a young hippie and a Holocaust family survivor also writes about dropping acid, joining a famous commune, The Farm—a community that treated marijuana as its sacrament and holy weed and then later how he finally pleased his Jewish mother by going to law school and becoming a lawyer-partly on a promise made to his family-to speak out and fight against human injustices for those who cannot.

We still live in a feudal society, says Graf. “The King is now the feds and the lords are now the mega-corporations. They want us to be good little cogs in the machine. Alcohol dumbs us down and makes us obey. Marijuana, when used in moderation, has the potential to make us more creative and more aware of the exploitation that comes from above. Thus, the reasoning behind the illegality of marijuana.”

“In my book I reminisce about the times when you could hitch hike out on the highway and someone would pick you up in their VW Microbus, turn you on to some good weed, feed you and treat you just like you were family even though you were a total stranger, says” Graf. The essence of the marijuana movement—the tribal forefather and foremothers aka Hippies were the outgrowth of the Beats, or the Beat generation which included Jack Keroac, Jack Cassidy,  Allen Ginsberg, William Boroughs and others.

“The overriding theme running through the book is that the message of the hippie generation still stands,” said Graf. “We can make it through this insanity we call Western Civilization to a better place by invoking those time honored principles of love, compassion and common sense.”

There is a mutual understanding between us stoners that can’t be communicated in words alone—its like trying to show paradise to a blind man, says Graf. “I think folks who toked will get a lot more out of my book than those that haven’t. But I ain’t limiting my message to the tribe.

I Inhaled Rantings Ramblings 3Win a Copy of  I Inhaled

Were giving away a signed copy of Alan Stuart Graf’s I inhaled: Rantings, Ramblings and Ravings of a Hippie Lawyer from Di Angelo Publications. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment below. We’ll choose a random winner on Friday January 9 at 4:20 PST. If you live in the USA we’ll cover the cost of shipping, if you live abroad the shipping’s on you, dude. Good luck.


27 Responses to “I Inhaled Review & Giveaway”

  1. Caroline Pynes

    I inhaled too, and I am proud of it. Unfortunately, I had to leave Colorado, but I loved the pot and still do!

  2. G Rage

    Never won anything in my life so far but this book would be a great start!

  3. Sarah Ayerst

    Oh My, you too?

  4. Yaney LA MacIver

    I would love a copy of this and to win it. Alan and I and many others were at the WTO together. And we’re both KBOOsters.

  5. Nancy J Presley

    Can’t wait to read it! Alan has been n the side of the Angels as long as I’ve known him…42 years!!

  6. kristian

    Awesome! Love when people speak out against the “norm” and share their alternative lifestyle. I’d love to be able to sit and inhale with this book myself! Thanks, Graf! Stay cool!

  7. Dawn Rush

    Loved meeting you in spring of 2012 Alan, and looking forward to the magnificent read.

  8. Katherine Allard

    i inhaled too, have known Al since the early 70’s on The Farm. I am so wanting to read his book, written by a caring, brilliant person.

  9. Sulyn Cedar

    I’m looking forward to reading Alan’s book and would like to win this free copy please 🙂 Thank you for doing this review, he’s a pal of mine and I know his wild sense of humor so this should be a fun read. I’m happy to pay postage to my Canadian home on Vancouver Island. Cheers from here )))))))))))))

  10. Jeanne Madrid

    Would love to read the hippie lawyer book to see what a lawyer with high values has to say. And I promise to share it with Mark. If I am not the winner I will for sure buy a copy.

  11. Lois Latman

    Best title for a book I’ve heard in a long time. I’d love to kick back, inhale, and read it from cover to cover.

  12. Lois Latman

    Best title for a book I’ve heard in a long time. I’d love to kick back, inhale, and read the book cover to cover.

  13. Karen Greene

    I would love a copy of the book Inhaled. I hope I win!

  14. BisFitty

    Got high as fuck, found a cabbage in the fridge… now I have some dank ass fuckin coleslaw.

  15. Mrs. Nice Guy

    One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to read more, this would help me achieve this goal….it was worth a try 😉

  16. Victoria Morrison

    I would love to read this book then donate it to my public library so others could read it too–I have much admiration for its author, a brilliant and caring man.

  17. Alex Arroyo

    This book sounds pretty dope. If I dont win it, ill just buy it.

  18. JB Buchanan

    I’ve been wanting to grab a good green read for my evening toke sesh. Will my 2015 start as good as my 2014 was? #puffpuffpassitmyway!

  19. Patrick Moody

    Book seems awesome I hope I win it. It would be an awesome addition to my collection.

  20. Martin

    I inhaled, too

  21. Uraina

    I love to read & I would love to ad this book to my collection! Keeping my fingers crossed, nothing better than a good book signed by the author himself!!!

  22. Angel

    Hope I win . I love to read!!

  23. Naomi Martinez

    Yes please… send asap! 😀

  24. Diane Christiana

    I inhaled and loved every bit of it

  25. Mark

    Sounds Like a book I’ll go buy even if I don’t win.

  26. Blake Serpette

    This would be an awesome win!

  27. CaiBabe

    It sounds interesting, can’t wait to read about your journey 😉

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