Intl Cannabis & Hemp Expo Coming to Oakland Labor Day

ngaio beallumThe second International Cannabis and Hemp Expo (INTCHE)…at least we think it’s the second time around because we remember getting stoned at one last year…hits our ‘hood, Oaksterdam, California this labor day weekend. On September 3 and 4 there’s gonna be tons of weed all up in the streets of Oakland…because this year’s event will be held on the street, literally…over 5 city blocks! That’s a full mile dedicated to WEED. Hallelujah.

Last year’s INTCHE was held over at South San Francisco’s Cow Palace, the place where Keith Moon of The Who keeled over on his drum riser after popping’ a horse tranquilizer and shit and then their singer got on the mic and asked the crowd if anyone knew how to play drums and some kid got the opportunity of a lifetime. Wait. What were we talking about? Oh ya…last year’s INTCHE was like the first US trade show to permit on-site pot smoking. Anyhow…this year’s shit is gonna be held here in Oakland between 14th Street, home of Coffee Shop Blue Sky (Prop-19’s Richard Lee own’s it), on through to Clay street and flowing into Frank H. Ogawa Plaza…near the original home-base of STUFF STONERS LIKE.

According to the organizers, the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo offers “a forum for awareness, education and advancement of the hemp industry and medical cannabis community.” They’ve got thee types of tickets available, you’ll most likely find us getting stoned in the parking lot or over at Café Van Kleef, anyhow, you can score a single-day ticket for $18 and a two-day pass for $30.

You can also grab a Silver Ticket/Junior VIP pass thing. With that you’ll get: “All access for two days Food and Beverage Provided Live Entertainment on a private stage in a Segregated, Tented area Vapor Lounge 2 Complimentary Hash Bars Gravity Vortex Lounge Celebrity Meet n Greet SWAG Bag to take home”

You can also spend $300 bucks on a Golden Ticket/VIP ticket thing, which nets you the same schwagg as above plus “allows you to sample dozens of strains and vote on your favorite indica and sativa.” We hear they’re calling it the “Connoisseur’s Cup” or something…

Anyhow, just like last year, the INTCHE will have a public smoke-out Prop 215 section, so make sure to bring ID’s if you wanna smoke with us, because we’ll be there. Probably. Look for this guy and he’ll introduce ya to us…if you smoke him out. Maybe. No promises. Along with that guy, on hand there’ll be some other (much less important) weed celebs, a few politicians, bunches of vendors and lots and lots of people smoking weed. And, hopefully a ton of STONERS helpin’ us pass out FREE STICKERS.


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