Task Rok of Highly Educated Ti Nails talks Dabs and Concentrates

Highly Educated ProductsHere are the top three things you need know ‘bout Salt Lake City’s Task Rok. Task likes to inhale vapor clouds, rap about inhaling vapor clouds and enable people to inhale vapor clouds. And we’re not talkin’ ’bout using no vaporizer, man. Task’s rappin’ carreer is ‘bout to take off, but not as fast as his gig manufacturing and selling titanium nails—used to dab marijuana concentrates, you know shit like butane hash oil, butter, wax, brittle. Anyhow, our chat went a li’l something like this…


STUFF STONERS LIKE: So Task, educate us on HIGHLY EDUCATED Ti and the stuff stoners like that you sell?

Task Rok: Highly Educated focuses on selling the highest quality titanium we can provide. Our material is 99.9% Pure, all of our titanium arrives at the shop with a quality material certificate from the mill showing the chemical composition of the material, and most of the time we are purer than the qualification standards set for Grade 1 titanium. Our titanium is machined and fashioned into different accessories which are designed to work with a wide array and variety of glass utensils. Everything is handled in the USA from beginning to end.

STUFF STONERS LIKE: What the hell do people do with these titanium nails?

Task Rok: These nails are used for the vaporizations of essential extracts.

Titanium Nail for Dabbin the ConcentratesSTUFF STONERS LIKE: Right on, so people heat these things using a blow torch, get them super hot and drop concentrates on ‘em. That’s awesome. So why’s titanium a better material for dabbing over material like quartz, glass, or ceramics?

Task Rok: Better is a subjective term. I will not say one material is better than the other as all matters of opinion tend to be subjective in nature. Being that I sell titanium you only have to assume that I am extremely biased and take my opinion with a grain of salt. There are many reasons I personally prefer using titanium over any other metal but I will try and list a few:

1. Durability. Glass nails tend to break from the stress of dabbing. The repeated heating and cooling causes them to crack and they don’t last long. Quartz nails are much more durable then glass and can last much longer. Many in the community enjoy the flavor that the quartz provides but I think that is a matter of personal opinion because I honestly prefer the titanium.

Taking a Dab with a Highly Educated Titanium Nail2. Heat Retention. This can all be dependent on how thick and how much mass your nail has but in general a titanium nail will retain heat longer than its quartz/glass counterparts. Not only does it seem to retain heat longer but it also seems to be able to maintain its heat retention capabilities better over longer periods of time. What I mean by that is, I have noticed both titanium and quartz seem to lose their original heat retention abilities over time. My theory is that after several thousand reheats, the material doesn’t quite expand as much as it once did and this effects its ability to retain heat. I believe I have noticed quartz going through this process slightly faster then titanium, but I have not conducted any scientific study and I don’t use quartz frequently enough to be certain, so don’t take my word for it.

3. Functionality. With titanium we were able to offer a functionality that had never been offered before with glass our quartz. With the help from one of our friends at Health Stone Glass, we came up with the first infinitely and fully adjustable ti nail. Our innovative 4 piece design sort of revolutionized the ti nail and over night adjustable was the big thing in the market. This adjustable nail worked well for people who needed something unique and functional like a 4 inch 14 mm nail. They could adjust the height so it rested where they wanted, they could remove the counterweight to add air flow, they can now even accessorize the nail with certain parts that fit their needs best (thin fins, turbine tops, etc.)

4. Flavor. This part is subjective and completely my opinion but I think I get the best flavors off of titanium. Granted it does need to be seasoned first but once seasoned and used at the proper temperatures I haven’t found a better flavor. I have found the lower the temperature is then the better the flavor, but too low and it won’t cook so you have to find a balance.

Titanium Nails from Highly Educated TiSTUFF STONERS LIKE: What do you say to people that think dabbing looks like hardcore drug use?

Task Rok: I feel bad for anyone who judges anything solely based upon looks.

STUFF STONERS LIKE: WORD. Seriously though, torches, skin-searing hot titanium, molten THC…seems a li’l dangerous, eh? How the hell do you NOT get burned?

Task Rok: Everyone gets burned. It’s how you learn how to deal with it that defines you as a person.

STUFF STONERS LIKE: What’s better the dome set-up or the skillet set-up? More efficient? Easier to use?

Task Rok: I have to be honest I am a dome set up kind of guy. I just like how the dome insulates the titanium helping it stay warm and also prevent loss. Swings are awesome and they are one of the main reasons the industry exists today if you trace the history (shout out HMK). Swings are also more convenient when it comes to prepping though, no sticky domes, it’s all one piece, etc. Both are great, but I love me some dome.

STUFF STONERS LIKE: What drove you to create nail s outta titanium, man? Don’t they just make SR-71 spy planes and expensive BMX bikes outta that stuff?

This is Task RokTask Rok: Because I owned one, loved it, and couldn’t purchase another. All my friends wanted one after seeing mine so we set out to make them for ourselves. The rest was history. I didn’t invent the ti nail, I just strive to perfect it.

STUFF STONERS LIKE: Do you see dabbin’ as the future of marijuana?

Task Rok: No. I see it as the present.

STUFF STONERS LIKE: Okay, let us ask you this then; how long do you think it’ll take before kids have no idea what the fuck rolling papers are?

Task Rok: Never. Rolling papers will always have a place. Sometimes things change under the illusion of convenience and in the process become more obsolete then their predecessors. A good example is a straight edge razor vs a disposable bic cartridge razor. Is it really more convenient to buy more razor cartridges then it is to sharpen a straight edge? Sometimes the obsolete, is actually the more advanced from a different view.

STUFF STONERS LIKE: How many people work at Highly Educated and where can we get your products?

Task Rok: There is really just 2 of us. Me and my machinist. He is the left brain I am the right. You can get them at aqualabtechnologies.com or any of our fine select retailers across the nation. Feel free to hit me up at sales@highlyeducatedti.com if you can’t find a retailer in your area and I will point you in the right direction.

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    No comparison to ceramics?


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    Cause ceramics are poo poo, they didn’t make it to the party

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    Nice interview. Anyone else think this top comment from “Sara” is a little suspicious? Lol

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    I read it in a Chinese accent

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