Is FAB CBD Oil Worth It in 2023

Are you considering trying out FAB CBD oil but unsure if it is worth the money? Well, you have come to the right place because the guide will tell you everything you need to know about FAB CBD to make an informed decision.

A Quick Look at FAB CBD 

FAB CBD is a Colorado-based company that produces non-GMO products made of CBD. It caters to those who want to try preventive wellness by integrating CBD into their lifestyle. Their collection of CBD tinctures is considered the best way to begin using cannabinoids. Besides oil, the business offers a variety of CBD options like gummies, topical creams, CBD oil, dog treats, CBD oil, and CBG oil. 

FAB CBD OIL: A Deeper Look 

FAB CBD oil tinctures come with potent, full-spectrum CBD, which includes all the nutrients from the hemp plant, including powerful terpenes that can lend an earthy smell and taste to the product.


The price of this CBD oil is quite affordable compared to other CBD brands in the market. According to the company’s official website, 300mg of FAB CBD oil goes for $39 only. Take advantage of the discount program, which will help you save 20%. The formulation of the oil is cost-effective, but these oils have high-quality ingredients, and the company always maintains standards during production. 


Till now, FAB CBD oil comes in four different potencies, such as 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg, which come in 30ml bottles and offer users 10mg/ml to 80mg/ml CBD strengths. In addition, these oils are available in five different flavors: natural, mint, citrus, berry, and vanilla. Plus, the company also offers 1ml droppers on the bottles so that you can easily measure CBD oil servings. There are clear markers, so dose management will be a breeze. 


  •  Prioritize only pure organic, non-GMO ingredients
  •  Made from U.S. hemp 
  • Available in different flavors and strengths
  • Comes with a marked dropper
  • High-quality and affordable
  •  Does not have fillers or preservatives
  • Solvent and pesticides free


  • Available in full-spectrum CBD only
  • Some brands offer more CBD potencies

Brand Reputation

FAB CBD has a good reputation, which is supported by its large customer base. It does not have a history of warning letters from the Food and Drug Administration or lawsuits. It is one of the popular names in the best CBD product reviews. Many users are happy with FAB CBD, praising it for providing quality products that support wellness. You can read customer reviews on the brand’s website for more insights and check product reviews online to learn more about FAB CBD products.

Quality and Transparency

Now, let us look at its products’ quality and transparency when it comes to testing.

Extraction process

FAB CBD has been transparent about its extraction and production. According to the company, it uses a carbon dioxide extraction method to retrieve CBD from the hemp plant. This means that the process does not make use of solvents. Consumers have nothing to worry about when it comes to potentially harmful chemicals in CBD. There are claims, however, that carbon dioxide extraction results in more stripping of terpenes.

CGMPs (Current Good Manufacturing Practices)

At the time of writing, FAB CBD does not appear to comply with the FDA’s CGMPs. This does not necessarily mean it does not abide CGMPs, which CBD manufacturers must follow. Instead, it signifies that FAB CBD has yet to take the certification step. Once it does, consumers will have more confidence in its products.

COAs (Certificates of Analysis)

ProVerde Laboratories, a third party that analyzes CBD products and is 1SO 17025 accredited, tests FAB CBD products. COAs are available online, although they are not batch-specific. This makes it more difficult when you want verification of quality. Keep in mind that not all FAB CBD products have their COAs accessible online. The COA only applies to the 1,200 mg natural oils, not the entire array of varying potencies and flavors. On the bright side, the COAs available online comprehensively display results for terpenes and cannabinoids. They also reveal details about heavy metals, mold, yeast, bacteria, potency, and pesticides.

Customer Service and Review

The company is proud of its high-quality customer service. There are plenty of positive reviews from satisfied customers on the FAB CBD website. All the products boast five-star ratings courtesy of more than 200 people. The company offers a return policy that lets buyers return products within 30 days to receive a refund. 

How to Use a FAB CBD Oil 

The product packaging came with instructions and recommended serving sizes. During your first time, start with a low dose and gradually increase it to achieve the desired effect. When using CBD oils and tinctures, shake the FAB CBD bottle and dip the dropper. Squeeze and let go to load it up halfway. Drop it under the tongue and let it sit for 30 to 60 seconds to let the area absorb its compounds. Lastly, swallow it.


Will FAB CBD oil get me high?

The full-spectrum products will not get you high. The company removed all THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive effects typically associated with cannabis. However, full-spectrum products will come with other cannabinoids, including THC.

Why Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

This is a personal preference. Some CBD users like full spectrum oils because they have the full profile of cannabinoid content.

Final Thoughts

FAB CBD makes a great choice if you are interested in trying out full-spectrum CBD products. The company has a good reputation in the industry. It is transparent about its extraction processes, although its COAs are not batch-specific. Certain products do not have them at all. It has yet to show that the company complies with CGMPs as well. Regardless, it is worth the price if you seek full-spectrum CBD oil. Every product indicates the recommended dosage, while there are guidelines on the website. Transparency grants customers confidence in the product and company alike. This is a reason why it has become so popular.

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