Is It Better to Grow MARIJUANA Indoors or Outdoors?

Is It Better to Grow MARIJUANA Indoors or Outdoors?

Is it better to grow MARIJUANA indoors or outdoors? To answer it all, STUFF STONERS LIKE
have teamed-up with expert herb grower, Mel Thomas, author of
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Q: Is it better to grow MARIJUANA indoors or outdoors?


Is It Better to Grow MARIJUANA Indoors or Outdoors? Mel Thomas: There is no definitive answer to whether it is better to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors, as it ultimately depends on various factors, including the grower’s preferences, the strain of cannabis, the location and climate, and the desired yield and quality.

Indoor growing is the only way to ensure consistent year-round crops that can easily be forced into flower at a few weeks old. Although outdoor crops can be forced into flower by covering them to reduce the daylight hours, this is often impractical with large numbers of plants, making growers dependent upon the natural growth cycle, which will only allow one crop per season. There are also security implications to be considered when growing outdoors. Cannabis is illegal and law enforcement agencies, bandits, and herbaceous mammals alike will target your plants. Although there are also security risks when growing indoors, these can be minimized. Indoor growers are also not at the mercy of the elements. Many outdoor crops are lost due to adverse weather conditions, particularly heavy precipitation at harvest time. On the other hand, if you do have a suitable area in which to grow a successful outdoor crop you will be rewarded with large plants that will yield significantly more than indoor plants.


Here are some pros and cons of growing marijuana indoors and outdoors:

Indoor Growing:


  • Complete control over the growing environment, including temperature, humidity, lighting, and nutrient levels.
  • Can lead to faster growth and higher yields.
  • Fewer issues with pests and diseases since the plants are in a controlled environment.
  • More discreet since the plants are not visible to the public.


  • Requires more equipment and energy consumption.
  • Higher upfront costs to set up an indoor growing space.
  • Can be more labor-intensive since you have to set up and maintain the growing environment.
  • Limited access to natural sunlight, which can affect the overall quality of the plants.

Outdoor Growing:


  • Natural sunlight and fresh air can lead to more robust and flavorful plants.
  • Lower energy costs since you’re not using electricity to power lights or control the environment.
  • Fewer upfront costs since you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment.
  • More environmentally friendly since you’re not using as much energy.


  • Limited control over the environment, which can lead to slower growth and lower yields.
  • More vulnerable to pests, diseases, and environmental factors such as extreme heat, cold, or rain.
  • Less discreet since the plants are visible to the public and could potentially attract unwanted attention.
  • Can be illegal in some areas, so it’s important to check local laws and regulations.

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    Me and my friend are planning on going to Oaksterdam college in Oakland to learn how to cutivate and become weed farmers.I wanted to know if me and him do this how much money can we make if we succesfuly grow our crop indoors

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