Here’s How to Tell If Your Marijuana is Ready for Harvest

Here's How to Tell If Your Marijuana is Ready for Harvest

STONERS, Here’s How to Tell If Your Marijuana is Ready for Harvest…
I have some Big Buddha Cheese that are in the 8th week of flower (stretched 2weeks), and they look like they’re only half way done. They should be done by now, or at the latest in one week right?
During the day the temp is about 75F, night is low 60-65F. Which shouldn’t be bad cause there isn’t a difference bigger than 10 degrees between night and day. Should I give them 14hrs of dark, to maybe trigger them to hurry this up? (like as if fall was coming to an end)

The reason I need to hurry them up is because I rent a duplex from a property management company. They do a check on the place 3 months after you move in and that’s coming up soon! Although I am not breaking the law and am within my legal limit, I still don’t want them to know. I’m sure if they don’t approve of it, they can boot us out on our ass because we don’t own the property. We just had a baby so that would be really bad!

How to Tell If Your Marijuana is Ready for HarvestDru West: It sounds like you have a late finishing phenotype of the Big Buddah Cheese. The breeder, Big Buddah Seeds states that it finishes in 49-63 days. Nine weeks would be normal, so don’t do anything drastic that will only stress out the plants and make them take even longer to finish. (like messing with the light)

Certain strains can’t be judged on the appearance of the pistils alone. Sometimes they never fully change, regardless of how long you let them go. So the best way to judge whether your plant is ready for harvest, is to check the trichomes/crystals instead.


When plants approach maturity, the trichomes will begin to cloud up and turn a reddish amber color. Once about 50% of the trichomes have turned amber, the plant is ready for harvest. Don’t worry so much about the color of the pistils as they will change to the reddish color you’re looking for as the buds dry.

Using a digital camera makes it easy to magnify trichomes so you can see them in full detail. Just take a zoomed-in picture of one of the buds with a digital camera’s macro setting. You will be able to zoom in on the image and view it in full detail on your computer screen. Another great way to view the crystals is with a USB microscope.

How to Tell If Your Marijuana is Harvest Ready If you find that the buds are not finished yet, I would just leave them as long as possible. Typically property management needs to give you at least 24 hours notice before entering your house. So just let the plants go until you get the notice and take them down then. You will have to pull an all-nighter taking down the room, but you have to do that anyway.

The only real pain will be getting the stinky buds out of the house while they do the walk through. You are going to have to find a trustworthy friend who can look after them and allow them to continue to dry until you can bring them back home.


It sucks that even though you are legally engaging in something that the voters of your state have approved, you still have to worry about persecution from the man. As much as I would like to go off on a tangent about that, I must say that from experience, apartments and duplexes are just not ideal places to grow weed. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do though, I know I’ve done it before!

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  1. Oldtimemoonshine

    If there is a strain description and it says 8-10 weeks then I always go to 70 days. At day 65 some phenos may be ready. Loved my big buddah cheese at 70 days… 🙂

  2. Stoner Stuff

    Don’t most growers always say to wait a week after you think yer ready to harvest? DANKS for the comment, yo!

  3. William

    What if u notice seeds falling out of the buds. Is it ready then to harvest.

  4. maria carrion

    I started growing my plant in September and it should be budding already but Idk why its not its a bush but no buds

  5. typie

    How do I make my weed plant grow faster,

  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous

    I need help telling if mine is done

  8. Anonymous


  9. unicorn201

    a newbie here and sorry if my questions are stupid
    we are growing out side,temps are coming down, my plants are well over 6 feet tall
    because we didn’t not know how to top, we have no idea when to harvest, the buds are about 50/50 on the white red.
    they are from seeds that were given to us we have no idea what kind they are.
    how do i know when it it time to havest and how do i know what strain i have.

  10. Marley

    If everything went well then his/your plant doesn’t produce/develop seeds! If it does then probably became stressed or it was pollinated (somehow).

  11. Danny Mayberry

    I have plans that I have bought skunk it is mail and female I was told that it will make female seeds is that true

  12. Anonymous

    You people are dumb

  13. Rob

    Yeah really what sum dumbass peeps lol

  14. Rob

    Seeds arent human u dont have to let them have sex to get a female seed

  15. Bud Buddha

    What will happen if your plant is harvested late, will it die or not be smoke able

  16. Anonymous

    long hairs become short hairs

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