Is Smoking Weed Bad?

is smoking weed bad

Is Smoking Weed Bad?

Is smoking weed bad? Do you ever get that question? Whenever we hear that question we always wonder if people asking if marijuana is “bad” as in “evil” like the GOP or “bad” as in “unhealthy” like a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese? Really though the question doesn’t even matter, dude. Why? Because marijuana is legal in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and who the hell knows what’s happening in DC. Now doesn’t that tell ya something about weed? Well listen, if you think marijuana is bad…then fuck off. And don’t smoke it. That’ll leave more marijuana for us—those who smoke it, enjoy it, understand it, appreciate it and fight to the death for the rights to free it.

If you and your closed-mind fuck off, that’ll leave more marijuana for those of us who haven’t fallen for government sanctioned marijuana lies and propaganda. Those of us who watched “Reefer Madness” and realized it was filled with nothing but misinformation. It’ll leave more for those brave enough to think for themselves, more for those with open minds. It’ll leave more for those among us who don’t automatically trust authority, those who think they’re in charge of their own bodies.

Yep, if you’re currently questioning if weed’s for you or not…now that some Americans can finally smoke some weed without the fear of losing their FREEDOM—then step off. And leave all that healing of the nations for those of us who can recognize bullshit when they’re force fed it by law enforcement (who make their living busting stoners), prison owners (who make their living locking up stoners) and the lamestream media (who make their living disparaging and stereotyping stoners).

is smoking weed badYa know, there are a lot of stupid people in this world. And stupid people do stupid things (and believe stupid things). And yes, some of those stupid people even smoke weed. But, when you subtract weed from stupid people, what are you left with? You’re left with stupid people, who do stupid things, except neither they nor the lamestream media can point to weed as the cause.

So at this point, now that smoking or vaporizing or dabbing or eating weed for recreational use has been blessed by the people. Now that more Americans are for legalizing it than criminalizing it! Now that it’s blatantly obvious the War on Drugs has failed and the people of this country want to finally put a nail in it’s coffin…if you’re still wondering if marijuana is safe or not…stop wondering and start fucking off.

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  1. chemdog

    Great article but couldnt you put your point across without swearing.

  2. tetrahidrocannabinol

    Even without the swearing this article is completely pointless, it doesn’t have a point to put across at all!

  3. AW

    The point is, whatever you believe, don’t spread BS just leave.

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