Just How Many Clones Can You Get from One Marijuana Plant?

How Many Clones Can You Get from One Marijuana Plant? To answer all your growing questions STUFF STONERS LIKE have recently teamed-up with expert herb growers, Dru West and The West Coast Masters…have a question, email us at stuffstonerslike@yahoo.com.

QUESTION: I have been creating clones from my Mauie Wowie mother plant for about 6 or 7 generations now and I’m starting to notice a difference in potency. It seems like they’re getting less and less strong with each new generation. Before, thought I could repeat this process indefinitely. What’s happening?

Dru West: You should be able to repeat this process indefinitely. We have a Maui strain that we have been re-cloning for dozens of generations.  We also have a U-Dub strain that is still going strong after 20 years.

The noticed decrease in potency could very well be a result of some unresolved stress that the plant has undergone in the last few generations.  Did any clones have a hard time rooting recently? Have you had any bugs in your room?  What about your light bulbs, have you changed them recently? Have you changed anything?

There are several things that can stress out the plant and affect the potency. You need to let the plant chill for a while. The best thing to do in this situation is to isolate your nicest clone in the best possible environment and allow it to grow for at least a month using only organic fertilizer. Chemical fertilizers will kill off all the good stuff in your soil that makes plants happy. Happy plants = Potent buds!

Keep the plant pruned up, focusing all the energy and hormones to only a few branches. Once the plant starts to show vigorous, uniform growth, take the tops of the branches as your next clones. These branches contain more hormones than branches from lower parts of the plant and will make the best clones for this purpose.

Make sure you aren’t stressing out the plants during the cloning process. This is likely where the problem started. For best results, follow the cloning instructions in our book “Secrets of the West Coast Masters: Uncover the Ultimate techniques for Growing Medical Marijuana”.

This process will help stabilize the plant and return the buds back to their original potency.

Check out my book The Secrets of the West Coast Masters: Uncover the Ultimate Techniques for Growing Medical Marijuana to learn our secrets on how to yield over a pound per plant in as little as a 4’x4’ space.
–@Dru West

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