Kali Mist Strain Review

Kali MistName: Kali Mist
Review By Mat (Yabba DABBA) Lee
Score: 8/10
From: Growers Outlet 613 Montana Ave #2 South Bend, Washington 98045 Phone: 360-875-8189
Farm: Cannaman Farms
Harvest Date: 3/1/16
Sativa v Indica: Sativa Dominant
Content: THC 20.59% | CBD .28%
Sample Size: 2 grams

Kali Mist
A bunch of high power hazes going into the Kali Mist genetics

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Genetics: There’s all sorts of cannabis that goes by the great Kali Mist namesake, sometimes called Cali Mist. With a of a bunch of high power hazes going into the genetics of the majority of these, regardless of which version you get, as long as it was grown with love, you can bet it’s going to be good.

This is some award winning cannabis right here folks. Kali Mist took first both in the Hydro Cup of 1995 and the 2000 Seed Company Sativa Cup, not to mention taking 3rd prize at the High Life in Spain back in 2004, 1st prize at the Seedcup 2008 in Bologna, Italy, and also in third prize at the Kent Guerilla Cannabis Cup in England in 2009. Of course by now there are so many versions of Kali Mist, it’s hard to really know what is what. But from what it looks and smells like, this is some good Kali.

Kali Mist
These pinecone shaped Kali Mist buds definitely look like sticky icky dank dank

Appearance and Feels: Speaking of what it looks and feels like, have you seen these pictures? The buds are so sticky and covered in trichomes. The calyx is a dark forest green with even darker pistils. These pinecone shaped buds definitely look like some of that sticky icky dank dank.

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Kali Mist aromoa
Kali Mist aromoa? Right out of the bag your sniff sniffs are bombarded with strong sweet berry notes.

Smell: Right out of the bag your sniff sniffs are bombarded with strong sweet berry notes. This Cali Mist almost smells like candy. Although I can’t quite put my finger on which candy in particular. It smells good that’s for sure. Good like something I want to smoke, right here, right now. When you put it through the grinder, the real aroma gets released and the room is instantly filled with that sweet sweet smell.

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Kali Mist
Kali Mist delivers a smooth, full smoke with hints of pine and an almost sweet flowery taste

Flavor: It definitely loses it’s berry smell when you put a finger to the lighter and spark one up. But what it’s replaced with is a smooth, full smoke with hints of pine and an almost sweet flowery taste. I’m definitely digging it.

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Lee on Kali Mist: The buzz is good. Real good
Lee on Kali Mist: The buzz is good. Real good

High: The buzz is good. Real good. I’ve read online that Kali Mist has some psychedelic effects at higher doses. I always sort of laugh to myself when I hear people say that. I’ve smoked a whole lot of cannabis in my time, and the only time I’ve ever had a psychedelic experience, is when the bowl was topped with DMT. I’m definitely not being a hater by any stretch of the imagination, I’m just saying, I don’t believe it when people say that cannabis gets psychedelic. Granted, everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different, so who knows, maybe there are people out there for whom cannabis makes hallucinate. But for the majority of us, we just get blazed. If we want to trip, there’s other plant medicines out there that will do a much better job at blasting you off into a full blown psychedelic experience than cannabis.

Kali Mist is Stuff Stoners Like
Kali Mist is Stuff Stoners Like

Overall: Some call this strain the Queen of Sativas, and they aren’t joking. The buzz is heady and coherent, the taste is great, and it’s less filling. Oh wait, just kidding. But for real, if you have a chance to check out the Cannaman Farms Kali, definitely give it a shot.

If you are new to smoking, be sure to take it easy here, as with all strains testing over 20% THC. Work your way up, or you might end up having a bad experience. It won’t hurt you, but it might not be enjoyable. Isn’t that why we smoke? To enjoy ourselves? Or to you know, ease whatever might be ailing us?

I also keep reading that the ladies really appreciate this strain to ease their PMS. So you know, there’s that. For all of the above, Kali from Cannaman Farms is stuff stoners like.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

2 Responses to “Kali Mist Strain Review”

  1. Macky Cosmos

    Nice review bud, very nice. How is Kali Mist in terms of like paranoia and such. I treat for anxiety and I have always wanted to try Kali Mist. Epic name! Keep doing Stuff Stoners Like!

  2. Mat Lee

    I’ve learned and experienced that the majority of the paranoia and anxiety associated from cannabis is mainly from the laws and fear of prosecution if you get caught. In Oregon and Washington there seems to be alot less of that. Of course it also depends on your brain chemistry. What is relaxing and chill for some may be a hyped up nightmare for others.

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