Kandy Pen Review

Kandy Pen Vape Pen Review
Don’t let our STICKER fool ya. We weren’t too keen on the Kandy Pen.

The  Kandy Pen vape pen kind of reminds us of something you’d find in a old lady’s purse—like a lipstick container—but it’ll get you hella high. The Kandy Pens dudes claim that their Kandy Pen vape pen, which they call the Sky Cloud, has 3-in-1 functionality. This means that the Kandy Pen will vape three separate marijuana products—dry herbs, concentrates and liquids.

The Kandy Pen completely incinerated our dry herb—rendering the dry herb chamber itself useless after just a single hit. What’s up with that? And the hit itself tasted like vaping a charcoal briquette—not the purple weed we packed it with. That’s the thing with these types of pens and vaping dry herb—the technology just isn’t there yet.

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And we never got the eliquid attachment to work—it clogged before we could use it. The concentrate atomizer? It worked fine, but made our tasty wax taste a bit metallic.

Kandy Pen vape pen
The Kandy Pen vape pen comes with a few sweet accessories

Here’s the play-by-play: Our Sky Cloud vape pen arrived fully charged. Which is cool, because who the fuck likes waiting? We immediately bypassed the instructions and went straight to filling the concentrates atomizer. Like most pens of this species, there’s not a ton of room on the nail, but that’s a worthwhile sacrifice for such portability. We tested our pen with some HBC Tangerine wax from the Harborside Health Center. It tasted spectacular—like bright, tangy fruit in our dab rig. In the Kady Pen vape pen? Not so much. It tasted more like a transistor battery than Tangie.

Next we loaded up the dry herb atomizer with some Purple Kush. The chamber is really small—think one-hitter. No make that a half-hitter. We filled the chamber with maybe .3 grams of ground up herb and that shit went up hella quick and torched the hell out of the weed. The charred weed stuck to the inside of the atomizer rendering it useless.

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We tried to test out the liquid atomizer with some Purple Kush oil. Pop the mouthpiece off and it’s supposed to be simple to fill. We discovered that it wasn’t easy at all and never got it to actually work.

The battery lasted about a day and the size of the vape clouds declined proportionately with battery life. KandyPens offers a lifetime warranty on the battery, which is cool. You’re on your own with the atomizers, however and don’t even bother with the dry herb or the e-liquid one actually—you’ll waste your weed.

We’re a bit disappointed with the Kandy Pen vape pen. It’s portable and easy to use, but isn’t exactly 3-in-one.

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    Looks pretty dope, super nice review, everything I have read about this pen has been really positive. My only concern is with how well it blows dry herb. I have been looking at their kickstarter and want to buy a pack but the quality of vapour from dry is a big concern. So let me know, any comment on how well it burns dry?

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    The SkyCloud will definitely vaporize dry herbs. The dry herb chamber has a metal cap that screws on. There’s a spring attached to the inside of the cap. That spring applies a bit of pressure to the herb ensuring it makes contact with a heating element at the bottom of the chamber. That heating element gets really hot and the herb closest to the heat vaporizes faster than the rest. So if you stir the herb or repack the bowl in between hits you’ll make the most of your herb. The chamber is a bit small, but you can probably get 3…maybe 4 solid hits if you pack it correctly. Using a grinder is a good idea.

  124. stoner_stuff

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  127. stoner_stuff

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    Looks pretty interesting

  183. Sara

    Ahhhhhhhhh! It’s called combustion when you put dry herb on a heating element! These cheap chinese pens are glorified sneak a smokes. Please stop calling them vaporizers already! They cost ~$8 to make in chinese factories. Rip off all around if any manufacturer claims for herbs too

  184. Dan "The Garbage Man"

    To Sara above: The SkyCloud has glass inserts that you put over the heating coil so theres no combustion, just vaping. Please check your facts before you smash products online. 🙂

  185. Rick

    Hmmmm….. I would like to test drive one of these contraptions sounds like a good idea, Thank you for the review

  186. Anonymous Because People Will Hate Me For This...

    I’m actually seeing some major problems here with the specs, from the perspective of a someone from the vaping community of e-juice hobbyists – many of us have gotten so wrapped up in vaping that we build our own mods/APVs from scratch, mix our own flavor recipes, design rebuildable quad coils and even weave our own wicks. Firstly, the battery life – the battery is 650 mAh. mAh stands for milliamps sustained for 1 hour or (maH)/amp hour. This is the amount of current the battery is able to provide at level voltage for an hour. If you’re going to use this device to chain-vape, especially for those that suck on nicotine juice all day, this battery will need recharging every 2-3 hours. The coils in this device are replaceable, yet the company doesn’t sell them – however they sell new heads that come with two extra coils each. So eventually you’re going to have to toss the whole head and pay the ridiculous prices this company has set for replacements. If you chain-vape, at least for the e-juice, you’ll need a new coil approximately every 1-2 weeks – more often if you like to change flavors. The outside of the battery’s finish, or rubber, if you buy that version, will start to chip or peel off if put in purses or pockets within a short amount of time – it won’t affect the functioning, but if you want it to stay looking nice, you’ll need a case, and even then, the oil on your hands just from touching it repeatedly will eventually damage the aesthetics. Then there’s the price… This is the most overpriced vapor item I’ve ever seen, ever. To give you an idea, I have a 2600mAh battery that was $20 – their 650 is $120 in the kit or $60 on its own. You can get a full vape setup for only $30, easily, including two or three extra batteries let alone just one that’s totally low mAh for sixty bucks – !!! Lastly, there’s one other thing worth mentioning… The standard threading for nearly all vapor products on the market is 510 and is sometimes referred to as eGo or EVOD threading which has become a term that actually references a company, (although it doesn’t necessarily have to denote anything to do with any specific company at all anymore). With 510 threading, you can mix and match just about any parts you want from any vapor company, i.e. select the tank/head of your choice for whichever reason you’d prefer, select your choice in Ohm resistance for the atomizer, decide whether you prefer a plastic clearomizer or a glass glassomizer or other type of tank, and buy transitional rings if necessary to connect all the pieces. I have a mod going with an awesome pyrex tank you can get (from Aspire), which only cost me $20, ten extra coils/atomizers on hand for only $20, and the battery at 2600mAh was only $40 and can hold up to chain-vaping for about two days. Also, for this price, you should be seeing technology like variable voltage, variable wattage, resistance indicators, airflow control, puff counters, and of course, all this would be on an LED display screen. I should note that if the e-juice tank is not made from pyrex, certain e-juice flavors (anything citrus, lavender, anise, or licorice) will cause it to spontaneously crack – “tank cracking,” which is an instant molecular breakdown that frequently occurs in plastic tanks. I’m assuming their tank is pyrex, but if it’s not, be VERY careful what flavors of fluid you out in it – always ask the juice vendor if they don’t have a disclaimer posted. This item is more of a shiny toy than a product for serious vapors. On the other hand, if you’re like me and would only use this once or twice a month with marijuana for pain, and have a completely separate device for e-juice, then you’d probably like this. You’ll notice people are reporting a 7-14 hour battery life – just keep in mind that if that’s the case, they’re only taking a couple drags every now and then – maybe a couple puffs every hour or two; they’re not just toke toke toking away (as some vapers practically only inhale oxygen on every other inhalation and during sleep)… I myself and many in the nicotine vaping community could toast this battery in probably as short a time of an hour and a half, and use the coils up within days. So, it depends on the user, but I just thought someone should mention these critical things so that people can think about this stuff before spending so much money. Additionally, if you wanted to, you could just build your own mod for way cheaper that would blow circles around this thing in terms of vapor production. I also thought I should say that without VV/VW (voltage, wattage), you can’t at all control the burning factor, specifically with nicotine juices, nor “turn up,” the amount of vapor being produced. Just remembered something else – the wickless atomizer is going to be HORRIBLE for e-juice – e-juice functions better on a wick that’s dual or quad coil. I’m not sure if the coils in the heads themselves are more than singular (it doesn’t look like it – I only see one metal piece in the videos), but just FYI – not using AT LEAST a bottom dual coil for e-juice is basically just as non-state-of-the-art as possible. I’m not familiar with whether you’d want a top or bottom coil for cannabis, but a dual coil with variable voltage would be ideal. If you have this unit and are convinced it produces great amounts of vapor, try an Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 with a 2.1 Ohm bottom dual or quad coil, 70% PG/30% VG e-juice, a pyrex Nautilus tank by Aspire, and a setting of 4.8 volts or 10.0 watts and you’ll be blown away by the difference, no pun intended. If you can find a head for the different types of marijuana product that fits a 510 thread, you could actually attach that to the MVP 2.0 and reap nearly all the same benefits. One last thing should be noted – research your e-juice vendors as some make their juice from manufacturers that use diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl propionyl, which are known to be deadly carcinogens and have caused serious lung disease. There are plenty of vendors that don’t use these, just do the research. As for myself, I’m about to buy a Skycloud for myself right now, as I doubt I’ll use it very often so it’ll probably serve me just fine. Plus, in being a vapor hobbyist, I just have to have every new gadget 😉

  187. polecatt

    One of the best pens on the market, simply put you will not be disappointed by this pen.

  188. Geoff

    My wife got me a SkyCloud for Xmas. We enjoyed the dry tobacco atomizer the first night. On the second day, the coils would no longer light. The other attachments work fine, but the dry tobacco atomizer stopped working after three uses. I have tried calling and emailing customer support, but no one has gotten back to me. Anyone else having the same problem?

  189. Marco Bitran

    This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me.


  190. Bob

    LOL! I love how this Kandy Pen Review was all talking about how shitty it is, but if u read the comments, you would think otherwise. 95% of the comments are in favor of this pen…. lol. I actually click on this site to see if You had the same bad results with the Kandy pen as me, and u did. I got the K-Vape Micro-DX and even though it doesn’t combust the herb, it doesn’t provide an desirable amount of vapor, just a light baby amount. AND it is so HARD to draw a hit. It’s like when you drinking a smoothie and a piece if fruit gets stuck in the straw. Please don’t waste your money on this vape, better off just buying more weed and smoking it the old fashion way

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