Kanye West Sues Lloyd’s of London Who Claim Weed Caused His Breakdown

FB KayneKanye West is suing Lloyd’s of London for $10 million because he says they’re using his “use of marijuana” to deny his insurance claim. Finally Kanye does something we can get behind, right. Lloyd’s however is counter suing claiming that it was weed that caused the artist’s mental breakdown in the first place. Like George Bush does Lloyd’s of London also hate black people? With a history rooted in slavery maybe so…

When he began his tour on August 12, 2016 West was up to date with his insurance bills. He performed 36 shows without incident until October 2, 2016 when his wife Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint and robbed of more than $10 million in jewels in her Paris hotel room. Kanye cancels his performance when he heard the news and rushes to be with Kim. Later he postpones a couple of shows followed by a couple more cancellations and then voluntarily enters himself into a psychiatric facility to work through his shit. The tour was officially laid to rest when Live Nation stated tickets would be fully refunded at any point of purchase on November 22.

In the multi-million dollar lawsuit West’s touring company, Very Good Touring, claims that Lloyd’s of London hasn’t given them “any indication if they will ever pay or even make a coverage decision, implying that West’s use of marijuana may provide them with a basis to deny the claim and retain the hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance premiums paid by Very Good.”

West’s lawyer, Howard King, said in the lawsuit that the firm’s claims of West’s alleged marijuana use as a means to withhold payments is an “unsupportable contention.”

Lloyd’s of London rooted in slave trade

Why is the Lloyd’s of London name familiar to you? Well along with Kanye’s career they insure things like Dolly Parton’s breasts, Keith Richards hands, that huge fucking rock Burton bought Liz Taylor back in the day. Add Troy Polamalu’s locks, Dutch wine producer Ilja Gort’s nose, America Ferrara’s smile, Gene Simmons’ tongue and world famous food critic Egon Rona’s taste buds to the list.

But they’re not all fun loving. Or at least they weren’t. Lloyd’s insurance “marketplace” was first founded to protect mariners and their assets while they were trading slaves. This is not fake news. As quoted in Wikipedia, Historian Eric Williams notes: “Lloyd’s, like other insurance companies, insured slaves and slave ships, and was vitally interested in legal decisions as to what constituted ‘natural death’ and ‘perils of the sea’. Lloyd’s had a monopoly on maritime insurance related to the slave trade and maintained it until the early 19th century.” The last line of the quote deserves repeating, “and maintained the slave trade until the early 19th century”.

Anyhow research is close to proving that marijuana is better at alleviating anxiety than prescription anxiety meds. It’s also a lot safer. The latest research published in Journal Psychopharmacology titled, Blunted stress reactivity in chronic cannabis users, supports the fact that marijuana is a well-known stress reliever. It suggests that compounds in marijuana like CBD or Cannabidiol could eventually be harnessed to deliver anxiety relief with decreased dependency, fewer side effects and less overdose potential.

So how is it that medical marijuana—a far better anxiety remedy than today’s deadly pharmaceutical options—is being used against Kanye to deny his insurance claim? Wonder if it’s because that in addition to George Bush Lloyd’s of London also hate black people? Or do they just hate medical marijuana users?

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