Kushtown Sodas Review

Kushtown SodaWe think marijuana should be reviewed by the people who enjoy it the most…STONERS! That’s why we’re paying eryday STONERS just like YOU…to smoke some WEED and write about it.

REVIEW BY: @CarolineCentral
Product Name: Kushtown Sodas (For this review I drank the LA Confidential Fuel flavor so I will be going off of that for smell and flavor)
Rating: 8/10
From: Dispensaries in pretty much any medical marijuana state, but mostly California.
Type: It really depends on which flavor soda you get because they are all made from different strains. I.E., The Grand Daddy Purple has more of an indica high as the Maui Wowie has more of a sativa high. I’ve tried a lot of their flavors and in my experience; I find that they all seem to have a sativa-dominant high.
Genetics: Like I said before, it all depends of the flavor you get and what strain(s) was used to make it.
Kushtown SodaPrice: $8-$12
Appearance: They just look like regular old soda or juice inside the bottle. The bottles are pretty cool; I collect them myself as I am a big fan of these sodas. They are always in brown bottles with fun labels so they can be passed off as a novelty soda or beer to the unknowing eye!
Smell: This particular flavor (LA Confidential Fuel) smelled like ginger ale or Sprite mixed with THC oil. The other sodas I’ve tried have all smelled like soda or juice mixed with THC oil, some more than others.
Flavor: This one was a ginger ale flavor and although I’m not a big fan of ginger ale, I really enjoyed it. It was very carbonated and refreshing. It tasted a little weedy but not overpowering. Most of the sodas have just a mild taste of THC oil. I personally would not recommend The Chem Dawg Cherry Soda because it pretty much tastes just like THC oil and cherry flavoring. If you’re a fan of that flavor though I would say go for it! Some of the tastiest flavors I’ve tried and that taste the most like a regular soda are: Skywalker Cream Soda, Cherry Kushtown Cola, and Bubba’s Old Fashion Root Beer. The majority of the flavors of sodas are carbonated but there are a few that are not.
Kushtown SodaHigh: The high takes around 15-30 minutes to kick in and it is a nice relaxing high that doesn’t get you overly stoned. The high feels kind of like a high you would get from smoking a couple of bowls. It’s not a super strong, couch-locking edible so it’s nice for if you are going out or need to get stuff done. Due to its relaxing properties it’s also nice for when you want to just hang out and let your mind wander. It does get you feeling a little spacey and zoned out, but you also feel happy and upbeat with a very creative mind flow.
Length of High: It is not a super long lasting edible like most brownies or cookies; the high lasts for around 45+ minutes. Although it is not a very long high, I find this to be quite an enjoyable one.
Medical Uses: These sodas help a great deal with relaxation, calming your mind, and relieving stress and anxiety. Also helps with depression and minor pain relief. They can increase appetite, plus they are tasty so you will have an appetite for them! Kushtown also makes other edible products such as hot sauce, bbq sauce, Kush Shots (smaller, more concentrated drinks), and gum.

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  1. Uscdad07

    Quite frankly you dont know what you are talking about. I have had two kushtown sodas tested at a lab and neither one had a measurable amount of thc! i make my own and they tested @ 40 mg.

  2. Uscdad07

    Also wondered if you really tried the soda? And if you did it was a placebo effect!

  3. Jackie

    Kushtown, I got one of your sodas recently and I would like to ask what the “lab testing” stamp on the bottle is about? I see it says it has been tested 3000X but then it says it is 1000X soda and has some kind of MG of THC per soda but I can’t even read the amount because it is all blurred together. If you could maybe fix these and make them more understandable it would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  4. Jermain dupri

    Please nobody listen to this review. Whoever wrote this review is full of it. These sodas are a novelty at best. They are more for looks and a conversation piece. Yes trimmings is boiled down with vodka and the brown liquid that’s left over is sucked in a syringe and squirted in the bottle. The soda is generic no name soda . Yes there is thc in it, but it would probably take u a 12 pack to catch a buzz. The labels are really creative and cool looking. But if ur looking for an edible high, this isn’t gunna get u there.

  5. popeye

    We Got A Couple Of The Sodas From A Local Pot Shop, I Drank Two .Did Not Feel A Thing? Has A Bad Aftertaste?… Would Not Recomend.


    I just tried the Marley Fuel and mixed it with Patron. It feels kind of nice together 😉 I would recommend mixing these edibles with a clear spirit to enjoy the HIGH!!!

  7. Scallion Boy

    Just tried a soda yesterday (Grand Daddy Purple) it provide a nice smooth buzz and was not too overbearing allowing me to continue on with my work day at a smooth pace! I like the product a lot and would recommend trying it out. Always nice to have a good alternative to a full toke session and still get a cool buzz!!

  8. Steve Stonner

    I have been using Kushtown Soda’s for a year and I love them. None of these reviewers has any idea what they are talking about. Kushtown Soda’s are a CO2 infused cannabis product. They do not use THC infused oils to produce the sodas. Google the CO2 infused process for more. Go to there website 21 different soda’s (flavors and cannabis strains). For example, if I want a day time maintenance soda I use a Durban Poison or another sativa dominate strain. For sleep would be an Indica strain like Grand Daddy Purple or a Kush or OG (Ocean Grown) product. That said, 78mg per soda is not going to get you very stoned. I drink two or three depending on what I’m medicating for and when (what time of day or night).
    I had to convert from “flower” all the time to an infused edible for my lungs.
    Steve Stonner

  9. Cinthia

    I just bought one if these sodas so once I try I’ll be back here and let you guys know how it went

  10. Cinthia


  11. Lauerne

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with the people reviewing these sodas but they totally relax me & provide a easy body & mind high also making me giggle and sleep really good lol so I have another, two total . I don’t drink alcohol but after I drink one soda(halfway through) at night I’m feeling it and I’ve only smoked the best of pot for years (I’m 56), The grape & rootberr are my favs . I would switch to only these after years of smoking the best and I am in love with this product. I just wish I could get them cheaper than 12$ a soda , Ty ❤️✌️

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