LAKEGRADE Strain Review

Our buds from LAKEGRADE sent over some tasty marijuana samples for review—straight bud and a few packs of their pre-rolls, called Leaflettes. There’s nothing that we like more than to review weed—especially when it shows up right on our front porch.

LAKEGRADE was grown on an outdoor farm in Lake County, CA. The team spent over a year planning the garden, developing the land, planting the seeds, and nurturing the trees.

GRADE offers three cultivators Berry White + Budzilla, OG Kush + Blueberry, Strawberry Banana + Lemon OG Kush. They all clock in with THC levels from 19 to 21% THC. The packaging was pretty minimal which we really like—especially since so many companies use too much material. The eighths came in small resealable pouches that were clearly labeled. They weren’t a pain in the ass to open at all like most child-proof packaging nowadays. And the bright colors and cool artwork added to the experience.

Lakegrade marijuana packaging

We especially dug the pre-roll packaging. It kind of reminded us of old school cigarette cases. The box fit snugly in a pocket or purse and protected the doobers inside quite nicely.

Anyhow, we tested each of the strains below in a bowl and then rolled a few joints using Stuff Stoners Like rolling papers and RAW tips.

Berry White + Budzilla
The first of their three proprietary cultivars that we tried out was the Berry White + Budzilla aka Whitezilla with 19% THC. This Indica has both light and dark green buds with a multitude of flame orange hairs. They have ample trichome coverage outside that only gets better once we broke open these dense and sticky, thumb-sized buds. We were treated to aromas of freshly squeezed lemons and unique notes of straight fire. Taste? Even better.

Orange Burmese
Next up was a hybrid, Orange Burmese, with 19.6% THC. These dense buds have a really unique dark blue and purple hue with sparse amber pistils. They produced fragrant fruity aromas—predominantly berry and a bit of spice. In a bowl they delivered a pretty smooth inhale with a fruity yet earthy taste on the exhale

Strawberry Banana + Lemon OG Kush
The third sample was a sativa called Strawberry Banana + Lemon OG Kush. And it was our favorite—although the buds were a little scrappy. But that’s to be expected with sativas.

This strain had the highest THC percentage of the bunch scoring 21.1% THC. The buds were bright green with light vibrant orange hairs. They were dense, crisp, and sticky sparkling with a nice amount of trichomes. The flavor? Among the berry is a bouquet of sweet papaya, refreshing pineapple, and energizing citrus notes.

Leaflets pre-rolls
GRADE also sent along each of their strains rolled up into joints that they called Leaflets. The packaging was really cool—nice little box with a few joints inside. We were huge fans of the cigarette-like rolling paper. They burn and taste a little different than hemp papers but that didn’t detract too much from the herb inside. One cool thing about them is that you could probably get away with smoking these anywhere that cigarettes are allowed.

Final thoughts
The fact that they’re already rolled makes these things something that we’d reach for whenever they’re available. It’s always nice to smoke a joint and have a few rolled and ready to go. Overall we were pretty pleased with LAKEGRADE’s offering—especially since it’s California grown. Puff…puff…pass. 

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