How Much Energy Do LED Marijuana Grow Lights Save?


How Much Can You Save Using LED Lights to Grow Weed?

A lot, man—as you can see from the chart below. Relying on LED lights to grow weed instead of using the good ol’ traditional HID (high intensity discharge) lighting can cut your energy usage during flowering time nearly in half. Cannabis cultivators can save even more energy during veg time by using LED lights as well.

In addition to saving energy, LED lights also reduce operating costs as well as an indoor garden’s carbon footprint. That’s because consuming a lot of electricity isn’t the only drawback of using High Intensity Discharge lights. HID lighting also gives off a ton of heat. And excess heat in a grow room, especially in a flowering room, is very problematic. As a result growers need to instal fans to cool traditional grow lights as well as air conditioners to keep their grow rooms at a constant temperature and humidity. It all adds up.

Sure LED grow lights don’t use as much energy to operate and they don’t emit any heat—a double benefit, but are they any good? We can tell ya that LED lights still have yet to win over a very picky market. Is it possible to grow marijuana under LED lights that’s as good or even better than marijuana grown under LED lights? Well, we’ve spoken to LED light manufacturers and asked them that very question. Of course they told use it’s possible but we still have yet to see any real results for ourselves. If we do, however, you’ll be the first to know.

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