Don’t Let Corporate America KILL Marijuana

Elephant strain seedsLegalize It…DON’T Commercialize It.
Man, we’re super bummed the campaign to legalize the recreational use of marijuana here in California is polarizing…no it’s tearing apart…the marijuana community and politically conscious Californians. These are not the times to splinter off into factions of support or dissent for Prop 19 people! The bottom line; it’s not legalizing marijuana for recreational or even medical use that has the potential to completely fuck up marijuana for everyone, it’s the fucking commercialization and inevitable Corporate Takeover of marijuana that’ll destroy it.

Our biggest fear is not only will our STONER culture die, it’ll die at the hands of the enemy; Corporate GREED. Despite what that motherfucker said in Wall Street; GREED IS NOT GOOD! Especially when it comes to marijuana. Yep, what we  fear most is a marijuana OLIGOPOLY, or a market dominated by a small number of participants who are able to collectively exert control over supply and market prices. Sure, OLIGOPOLY…it’s a big word for a bunch of stoners but, it’s the only word that fits. Let’s be real, corporations are here for one thing and one thing only, to make a profit. And, they see the HIGH profitability of selling herb; the Healing of the Nation.

The exception, however, are non-profit corporations. In states like California and the others that allow medical marijuana, all the transactions take place through a version of a not-for-profit entity. Although to say non-profits fail to rake in millions is false as well…there are laws which limit how much non-profit directors or employees can earn, however. But that stop gap doesn’t exist in the private sector.

Obviously corporations, for profit or not aren’t living entities so they can’t be “technically” filled with GREED; an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves. We know greed is a human emotion. So we recognize it’s greedy humans who hire illegal workers so as to not pay payroll taxes, SSI, or minimum wage. We know it’s greedy humans who schedule an employee for 34.5 hours weekly (not 35) to get out of providing health insurance. We know it’s greedy humans who push out Unions or move some or all of our jobs off shore and pay somebody 6 bucks a week to bang out a product, or answer fuckin’ phone calls. It’s greedy humans who lobby the government to limit the spectrum of the EPA so they can continue to pollute the air and water instead of properly disposing of waste. Its greedy humans who borrow against pension plans, take great risks with others’ money and falsely inflate stock prices!  It’s greedy humans who build prisons, stock ’em with marijuana users and lobby the government to keep marijuana illegal. And, it’s THESE very same greedy humans who want a slice of OUR PIE and who’ll fuck up marijuana for everyone! Brace yourself for the CORPORATE TAKEOVER of marijuana people!

These practices constitute anything but capitalism! When a corporation ask begs insists that it be given money, from taxpayers, to bail out their bullshit bad business practices it only does one thing…it bankrupts future generations of Americans including yourself because it results in tax hikes (you work longer just to pay your fair share) so we the people can pay off someone else’s bad business practices (debts). We don’t want any of this bullshit around our herb!

Anyone who has ever held down a  damn job knows there are no emotions, no compassion, no kindness, no love, and no consideration in business. It’s only pure logic and the bottom line. Corporations easily bring out the worst in everyone working within them. Any employee of a corporation is always focused on personal promotion, benefits and salary increases. Is this the right model for the future marijuana industry? Do we really want to be dependant on morally bankrupt business people and their deceptive practices for our weed? One last time…despite what that motherfucker said in that movie; Greed is NOT Good!

Q: What’s the difference between a corporation and scum-sucking, bottom-feeding Carp?
A: Nothing.

2 Responses to “Don’t Let Corporate America KILL Marijuana”

  1. Shelly

    well put.

  2. Will

    Dude man I think you #1 need to chill out, and then take a step back away from the picture. The massive commercialization of cannabis, shifting the market away from many small growers to an “oligopoly” as you have menioned above is inevitable.
    When a market like cannabis is fully “legalized,” such as what’s on the ballot this coming election, free market forces take control. This governs that the product at hand, cannabis, is produced at the most efficient level due to the competitive nature of the suppliers. Large, greenhouses/warehouse thousands of square feet are guaranteed if the bill passes. This is actually a good thing, as competition amongst competing business will use pricing wars to gain market share. Of course, there will ALWAYS be a niche market as well which will cater to connoiseurs and enthusiasts. I don’t want to say more because as a business owner, there will be quite a lot of room for strategic action of the bill passes.
    Anyway, the commercialization of cannabis by “Corporations” is not so bad as you make it out to be. They will get better quality weed for the same price they pay now. You need to EMBRACE change even if it may not benefit you at first. Adaptability, being adept, and all that feng shui shit.

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