Magical Butter Machine Review

Magical Butter MachineLooking to make some CannaButter, oil or a tincture without slavin’ away in the kitchin or stinkin’ up the fuckin’ place? Then this Magical Butter Machine is for you, dude.

Marijuana’s expensive. You don’t want to burn that shit all up making some cannabutter, do you? Luckily, this Magical Butter machine is fully automated—featuring microprocessor-controlled program sequences and shit. So you know what that means, dude? It’s practically stoner-proof. Measure your ingredients, dump ’em in, press play and you’re done. Plus it looks like a futuristic coffee pot—like one you’d see on the Star Ship Enterprise.

The Magical Butter machine works with butter of course, but it also works with any type of oil including peanut, olive, coconut, corn or sunflower oil. It would probably work with Penzoil too, but that would taste like shit.

The unit heats the liquid and keeps it at a constant temperature. It also chops up your herbs. How cool is that? Just drop ‘em in whole and this thing’ll slice ‘em and dice ‘em like a fuckin’ Ginsu knife. By the time your oil is finished you’re herbs are transformed into a fine pulp.

The Magical Butter machine can make two to five cups of herb oil in an hour, butter in two hours and a tincture in four. We tested our machine with two cups of extra virgin olive oil and 18 grams of homegrown Purple Urkle. We filled the machine, set the controls for the Heart of the Sun160 degrees and selected the hour setting. As the machine worked it was quiet aside from the few moments the blades switched on.

As an added bonus, this thing’s got a bunch of blinking lights—way more blinking lights than R2D2’s face—and while it ran it entertained us with a hypnotic light show. The smell of cooking herb wasn’t too noticeable, but then again…we like the smell of weed. In about an hour we were awarded with two cups of the finest Purple Urkel olive oil. And we didn’t spill too much while straining it through the included strainer.

The Magical Butter machine is STUFF STONERS LIKE not only because it makes WEED butter in a snap, it’s also a pretty-bad ass kitchen gadget. When the munchies hit it’ll be nice to have some basil and garlic olive oil on hand, or some thyme butter to spread over some mashed potatoes, or some…damn we’re fuckin’ hungry. Where’s that weed oil we just made? Let’s dip some cold pizza in that shit or something…

For more information check out Magical Butter Machine.

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Magical Butter Machine
We started with 2 cups of extra virgin olive oil and 18 grams of Purple Urkle shake…
Magical Butter Machine
This thing is designed for STONERS…you don’t have to chop your herb…this li’l blade will take care of it for ya…
Magical Butter Machine
The Magical Butter botanical extractor is as entertaining as R2D2…
Magical Butter Machine
After about an hour…we were left with some fragrant WEED-infused olive oil…
Magical Butter Machine
2 cups of WEED-infused olive oil in an hour…

2 Responses to “Magical Butter Machine Review”

  1. Lecuff

    I’ve used this Machime several times and the butter turn out awesome!! I bought some solid Coconut Oil from Costco and also, their “Garlic Infused” Virgin Olive oil.
    I just use about 50 grams or more (to the “Fill Line”)
    of some really strong trimmings when I make the Cannabutter. I can’t wait to try the oils for salad dressings, etc.

  2. Stoner Stuff

    Awesome. Danks bud!

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