Magical Butter Machine Giveaway

Magical Butter UPDATE—CONTEST IS OVER…but stay tuned for another Magical Butter Machine giveaway soon!
Marijuana’s expensive. You don’t want to burn up your bud making some cannabutter, do you? Luckily, this Magical Butter machine is stoner-proof. Measure your ingredients, dump ’em in, press play and you’re done. Plus it looks like a futuristic coffee pot you’d see on the Death Star or something. The Magical Butter machine works with any type of oil including peanut, olive, coconut, corn, sunflower, etc. And you don’t have to grind up your herbs before using it—just drop ‘em in whole and this thing’ll slice ‘em and dice ‘em like a fuckin’ Ginsu knife.

The Magical Butter machine can make two to five cups of herb oil in an hour, butter in two hours and a tincture in four. As an added bonus, this thing’s got a bunch of blinking lights and while it runs it will entertain you with a hypnotic light show.

To enter:
1. Like our page on Facebook and share this contest on your timeline
2. Smoke a bowl
3. Leave a comment below letting us know you’ve completed step 1

Contest ends Friday September 12 at 4:20 PST.

We tested one of these things a few months back and it’s definitely STUFF STONERS LIKE. Check out the pics below…

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Magical Butter
We started with 2 cups of extra virgin olive oil and 18 grams of Purple Urkle shake…
Magical Butter
This thing is designed for STONERS…you don’t have to chop your herb…this li’l blade will take care of it for ya…
Magical Butter
The Magical Butter botanical extractor is as entertaining as R2D2…
Magical Butter
After about an hour…we were left with some fragrant WEED-infused olive oil…
Magical Butter
2 cups of WEED-infused olive oil in an hour…

22 Responses to “Magical Butter Machine Giveaway”

  1. Brian drawdy

    This thing is awesome needed yesterday when stood over stove hoping not to burn herb. I’m disabled this thing looks perfect. Also follow these people on Twitter great. Info and giveaways.

  2. cheryl cook

    Done and done!!

  3. Terry

    I heard lots of good feedback and would be great to win won.

  4. Meaghan Davis

    Already liked and now shared. This thing looks great!

  5. Cassandra

    A friend of mine just bought one of these and it’s awesome! I already liked the page and I just shared. Now to cross my fingers until Friday!

  6. DJ

    Ive liked it, Ive posted it. and now ive commented on it. Please oh please pick me

  7. Anonymous

    Liked your page. This thing is dope and would be very cool to have!

  8. SGrant

    I completed it

  9. Bj

    Looking for the “LOVED” button But in the mean while I’ll “LIKE” and “SHARE”

  10. Sonny

    I have switched to butter almost exclusively. I would be the only “kid” on the block with one of these!

  11. Poppsdabber420

    I followed the instructions to the letter lmfao 🙂

  12. Zack G

    This thing is sooo stuff stoners like I can’t even believe it. Done & done. Hope I win.

  13. Bob

    Liked you on f/b, shared in my timeline!

  14. Anonymous


  15. M Spears

    Looks amazing! Step one complete.

  16. Josh Yocum

    I did all three steps 🙂 Thank you for telling me how to win on twitter btw.

  17. eyeslow

    I can’t believe it’s not butter literally lol now I may become a bakers man.
    I completed step 1 though 😀

  18. jay

    Nice! I need! Liked and shared!

  19. Kenny

    We need one of these and a cookbook.

  20. Casey

    I smoked a fatty and finished the steps, hope I’m not too late and have a chance at winning.

  21. Josh Nunez

    Done and done! But with BHO bowl (:

  22. Linda Jasin

    I won a tee shirt how do I get it.

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