Make a Dry Herb Vaporizer

dry herb vaporizer lightHow to Make a Dry Herb Vaporizer

We’re going to show you how to make a dry herb vaporizer. Why? Well because every stoner we meet nowadays wants a vape pen or a vaporizer and stoners keep tweeting and emailing us about how to make one. Plus many vaporizers are expensive, man. Sure there are cheap vaporizers our there. Those things are great. But some stoners like a challenge and dislike spending money on a vaporizer. So they’d rather just use some ordinary household objects and McGuyver one.

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In case you’re wondering what’s a vaporizer? Basically a vaporizer is just a simple device that heats marijuana to a temperature great enough to transform its THC, or those little crystals you see coating the bud, into a vapor. Bonus? Not only is vaping safer than smoking because there’s no cancer-causing combustion involved—it leaves you with usable bud after each session. Since there’s a bit of THC remaining in that already vaped bud (AVB) and since it’s not charred it won’t taste like shit you can re-purpose it. Save up your already vaped bud nd use it to make THC e liquid for your vaporizer pen or use it to make some cannabutter.

dry herb vaporizer
Make a dry herb vaporizer from a light bulb

Dry herb vaporizer parts

To make your new vaporizer you are going to need the following ordinary household objects:

  • a light bulb
  • a mustard bottle lid or 2 liter soda bottle cap
  • a pen or surgical tubing
  • a knife
  • duct tape
  • weed

Vaporizer Assembly

Okay, man. Take your time. Making a homemade vaporizer isn’t rocket surgery but it does involve using a knife and a glass light bulb.

Carefully, and we mean carefully cut a hole into the metal bottom of the light bulb. Don’t cut yourself and don’t crush the light bulb, man. Once you’ve got that fucker splayed open like a Tauntaun rip out it’s metal guts. You need a n empty light bulb, dude. So clean it all out—including that powdery residue.

make a dry herb vaporizer
Be careful not to cut yourself when making your vaporizer. Pic—wikihow

Next disassemble that pen if you don’t have any surgical tubing. Strip it down until you’ve got nothing but a hollow tube. You could also use straws, but you know, pens are a li’l classier. You might want to cut the top off your pen to increase airflow.

Let’s move on to the mustard. Grab that mustard cap. Now lift up on the lid and just rip it right off like it’s Donald Trump’s head. Because it’s useless, man. Now jam the pen in the hole so you’ve got something to inhale through. Next carve another hole with a knife so you’ve got a carb to exchange air. That second hole is optional of course. If you’ve got a 2-liter bottle cap just do the same thing—cut a hole into it and jam a pen or piece of tubing into it.

Now drop a little dry herb in your nearly finished dry herb vaporizer. Not too much weed. And make sure that your weed is pretty evenly ground up. You might want to use a weed grinder, man. Next place that mustard lid right over the open end of the light bulb. If it doesn’t fit well just secure it with a little duct tape.

light bulb dry herb vaporizer
To use your new dry herb vape move a flame in circles right under the bud

Using your dry herb vape

Fire up a flame right under the bud. But don’t be lazy, man. Keep it moving. Using your new vape is like making popcorn on the stove top—you’ve gotta keep things moving. You don’t want to burn the bud. That defeats the whole purpose of making a vaporizer. Just keephearting your bud slowly for about fifteen to twenty seconds. Then start to inhale. You should taste the vapor well before you’ll see it.

No. Your new DIY light bulb vaporizer is not going to fill up with milky-white vapor like a Volcano vaporizer bag, dude. But you will get stoned if you take your time. And yes. You do like like a crack head smoking out of that thing. In fact there are a lot of vapes for sale online, man. You should probably just go by one.

Have you ever made a dry herb vaporizer? How did it turn out? Let us know in the comments section below…

8 Responses to “Make a Dry Herb Vaporizer”

  1. Phillip Med

    I work for an online vape shop and I would recommend everyone to do the research between convection and conduction vaporizers. Many people make a mistake when buying and regret it after. Conduction vaporizers are just electronic burning devices. This is great for wax or solid concentrates as it will still vaporize but is terrible for dry herb because it will be the exact same thing as smoking. Dry herbs will only vaporizer in a convection vaporizer. Let me know if there are any questions and I will respond accordingly.

  2. Jessica munn

    Fuck me

  3. Carl

    Do u have to rotate the bulb or just circle around the bud with the lighter

  4. william

    Okay, nice air tight puki methheads….

  5. Tm

    Thats a fucking crack pipe. Why would you show how to make a crack pipe

  6. mr k

    I don’t know, but maybe there is a chemical coating on the inside of the bulb which you would be inhaling too? I would be very careful. Maybe it’s better to make this with glass laboratory grade equipment.

  7. Mama Hooch

    Um,,, yes,,, there IS most certainly stuff on the inside of the bulb you don’t want to smoke. This is how you can whip up a Vape bulb, sans icky interior coating…..,. (Recommended Version!):
    1.) Hold light bulb in left hand away from you, while it’s in a paper bag. Grip the neck of the bulb with the bag around it. Be sure the bulb’s tip is out of the bag. (Dark brown/black glass, silver circle in center.)
    2.) Take a small hammer (finish hammer) and tap as gently as you can, yet forceful enough that the brown glass tip of the bulb and metal embedded in that dark glass, all goes “ba-bam-bam-BOOM!” ….And basically shatters and the metal insides of the bulb can be extracted. Continue tapping with the hammer until all light bulb “innerds” are knocked loose, tipped, and spilled, out of the bulb.
    3.) If necessary, take a needle nosed pliers and pull any tricky debris out of the bulb opening that won’t knock loose and fall out by simply shaking it into the bag.
    4.) Iodized salt. You most definitely want to get some of these special sprinkles for your project. Pour a teaspoon full into the threaded hole in the lightbulb. Place your thumb over the hole at the bottom of the bulb post, creating a seal. Annnnnnnd…….
    SHHHHHHHHAKE IT, SHHHHHHHHHHHAKE IT, SUGA SHAKE IT! You will see your progress as you Shaka Shaka Laka Shaka Laka … So you’ll know when it’s time to be done.
    5.) Dump out salt and be blown away by your stealth MacGuyver-like cunning, “straight building some shite!!!” skillz!!!!
    6.) Now you can use a pen with its guts taken out. Or, you can punch that pen straw thru a cap that fits on the threaded lightbulb post, if you so desire…..

    Ahh memories! How fun these were to make with my girls back in the day. “Crafty, she’s Crafty!!” ~ Beastie Boys

  8. George Clark

    It’s funny how they make a meth pipe out of a light bulb and tell you its to vaporize herb lol.

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