Going From Hydro to Soil

Going from Hydro to Soil

Going from hydro to soil, eh? STUFF STONERS LIKE have teamed-up with expert marijuana grower, Mel Thomas, author of Cannabis Cultivation: A Complete Grower’s Guide, 3rd Edition, published by Green Candy Press Mel is a world-renowned cannabis cultivator and at one time was the largest producer of marijuana in the UK…have a question for him, email us at stuffstonerslike[at]yahoo.com

the most purple purplest marijuana strainQUESTION: I’ve been growing in cocoa using general hydroponics nutes and watering by hand for the past few years, but am getting tired of mixing up nutes each week. I’ve been thinking about going with an organic soil mix that a friend of mind sent to me, but a little nervous about making the switch. What are some of the drawbacks to growing indoor with soil? Also, should I think about watering with a nutrient tea or just ph-ed water?

MEL THOMAS: There will be no noticeable change in your yield if you change to organics, if anything it should improve. Compost is a very forgiving medium, just ensure you use the biggest pots you can get away with in your grow space and don’t over water the crop as the roots need to dry out slightly to breath. Nutrient teas are great, but a little unpredictable. It is better to test each batch of tea you make up on one plant first. There is no need to pH adjust your water, unless you live in areas of particular acid/alkaline water.

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