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Oil rig for vaping wax is a Mighty ChaliceREVIEW BY:
Name: Cherry Cheese Co2 Melt
Score: 8/10
From: @peaceinmedicine
Type: Hybrid
Genetics: Cherry Pie is [Grand Daddy Purple X OG Kush], while Cheese hails from the U.K. where it was bred and refined before making its way to America. These two powerhouse strains from opposite sides of the Atlantic team up in this fine batch.
Price: $45 a gram.
Appearance: Like a caramelized syrup cooling on the stove. A few moments in 99 degree heat outside caused it to bubble and ooze, indicating a high quality melt. On a dabber the consistency is similar to honey and slightly difficult to work with.
Smell: The aroma isn’t exceptionally strong, but definitely spicy, woody, and a little piney. Off the hot nail it smells closer to a medicated cherry cheese blintz or freshly baked cherry pie.
Flavor: Clearly fruity and cheesy on the inhale, with a touch of musky sweetness that creates a pleasant aftertaste following the exhale. Similar to a mild cheese spread topped with cherry marmalade.
High: Mind and body are quickly calmed, yet at the same time still clear and functional. No tendency towards couch-lock means it’s okay to dab all day. Effects are also relaxing enough that it can be used right up until bedtime. The best way to describe the high from Cherry Cheese Co2 Melt is meditative and serene.
Buzz Length: Moderate strength. 3-4 hours.
Medical Uses: Anti-Emetic, Anxiety, Cramps, Depression, Inflammation.
Cherry Cheese Co2 MeltOverall: Even larger dabs feel smooth and produce no cough, but this is partially thanks to my new Mighty Chalice oil rig (5 mm thick glass, shower-head perc, sandblasted label) I snagged the other day at Big Al’s Smoke and Gifts on Telegraph Ave. Shout out to Sam at Big Al’s for the sweet deal! High praise to Mighty Chalice, a local artist and glassblower also out of Berkeley who deserves far more attention. This is hands down one of the smoothest rigs I’ve had the pleasure to hit, aided of course by a Highly Educated V3 Ti Nail.

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  1. Spoon

    Eww… $45 for an unpure/mixed strain. When did ‘Peace’ become ‘Profit’? 

  2. Purp master

    Cherry pie is GDP x Durban , learn the facts first

  3. Purp master

    Real cherry pie is a proven strain , this guy has it all wrong in this page

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