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Lilikoi Co2 Melt Dab Marijuana Concentrate or wax or oilREVIEW BY:@NYYdevotion
Name: Lilikoi Co2 Melt
Score: 10/10
From: @peaceinmedicine
Type: Sativa dominant.
Genetics: Lilikoi is a more politically correct name given to the infamous strain Green Crack. Green Crack is a cross of Skunk #1 and Afghani. Respected dispensaries like Peace In Medicine always change strain names that portray medical cannabis in a negative light.
Price: $40 a gram. Anywhere else this would cost at least $50.
Appearance: Melty and gooey, with a yellow hue similar to a banana slug. The ultra glossy sheen tells you it dabs cleanly and easily on a nail or skillet.
Smell: Roadkill skunk mixed with a light citrus sweetness. One whiff is so pungent in my nostrils I would almost think Pepé Le Pew sprayed me in the face.
Flavor: This sounds like Cletus The Slack Jawed Yokel from The Simpsons, but I can actually taste the skunk. This strain has a flavor profile that’s truly special and absolutely mouthwatering. It can only be compared to an intensely skunky lemon drop.
High: The uplifting effects kick in within seconds, with a head high that feels like tiny fingers gently massaging my temples. One of the most pleasant and euphoric feelings I’ve ever experienced!
Buzz Length: Peace In Medicine lists this as a spiritual buzz, and sure enough it lives up to this enchanting description. At least 4+ hours without any sense of a comedown. It’s possible this abnormally long high for cannabis is why it’s likened to crack.
Peace in Medicine Lilikoi-Co2-Melt-Close-UpMedical Uses: Lilikoi makes an impressive antidepressant, especially since it’s 100% non toxic and has almost no harmful side effects. This is one strain that could have consistent efficacy if prescribed by knowledgeable budtenders for mild to severe depression and stress.
Overall: In my opinion I think Green Crack should be called Green Xanax instead. This wonderful batch earned a 10/10 for being the most unique and best tasting Co2 Melt I’ve ever had the pleasure to dab. Peace In Medicine prides itself on carrying BioGrown and Veganic cannabis produced locally in Sonoma County, so it goes without saying that the quality of medicine is above and beyond what most dispensaries offer their patients. Lilikoi is so good I’ll be saving at least one dab for celebrating 4/20 this year.

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