OG Kush CO2 Taffy DabREVIEW BY: @NYYdevotion
Name: OG Kush CO2 Taffy
Score: 9/10
From: Harborside Health Center Oakland
Type: S/I
Genetics: See review of OG Kush Super Melt.
Price: $50 a gram. I said in my last review I wanted to compare OG Kush Super Melt to its CO2 Taffy equivalent, and sure enough I found one gram in the Super Melt remnant box.
Appearance: Somewhere between molasses and amber until you collect it on the dabber. When you work with it the color looks closer to a dark orange. It doesn’t necessarily resemble taffy, but it’s the perfect soft sticky consistency when you dive in.
Smell: Pleasant and fruity, sort of like those apricot leather snacks “hippy” parents feed their kids. There’s also a hint of the Pine-Sol citrus scent that defines OG Kush.
Flavor: Intensely dry like Extra Brut Champagne with a semi sweet finish. It reminds me of what cannabis infused apricot sparkling wine would taste like. There’s also no unpleasant flavor that sometimes accompanies butane melts and waxes that aren’t purged properly.
High: Up and spacey at the same time. One good sized dab is enough to feel this mind and body numbing high. Although it’s listed as Sativa dominant, it would be fair to call this batch a 50/50 mix as well. You get the best of both worlds with this phenotype of OG Kush.
Buzz Length: For a concentrate to be worth $50 it should leave you feeling medicated for at least 2+ hours. This stuff packs a powerful punch, and can be felt almost 3 hours later.
Medical Uses: OG Kush CO2 Taffy would be helpful for those with anxiety, cramps, chronic pain, and depression. Especially useful for being fast acting and long lasting. Patients with more severe symptoms will appreciate this hash.
Overall: When comparing OG Kush CO2 Taffy to OG Kush Super Melt I must say the CO2 Taffy has a better and more complex flavor. Both are clearly strong meds, but the Taffy definitely has an extra kick to it. The final superior quality of the Taffy is the fact that it burns much better on my titanium skillet. I can’t explain why, it just does. In my book it’s clearly worth the extra $10.


  1. Doctor PotHead

    That stuff looks amazing! I would kill to try some… Marijuana growing is pretty easy, you just need to find the right tutorials… get started… check out this one on germinating marijuana seeds:

  2. jimmy khyam

    How can this guy be qualified to write a review if he cant explain why co2 extract would work better on his skillet than full melt?

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