MARIJUANA CONCENTRATE OG x Purple Urkle Honeycomb 5


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MARIJUANA CONCENTRATE OG x Purple Urkle HoneycombREVIEW BY: @ErrlCampbell
Strain Name: OG x Purple Urkle Honeycomb
Rating: 9/10
From: DABliveries, San Diego
Type: Indica
Price: $45/gram
Appearance: 9/10 – You’d think a concentrate made from such legendary purple weed as Purple Urkle would look purple. But, this concentrate would fit in perfect in Southern California because it’s blonder than Pamela Anderson. There is not a spec of plant matter that escaped during the extraction process so the intense light yellow hue is uninterrupted and consistent all the way through. It was purged and dried to the max, making small chunks of solid, dry flake that can be manipulated by hand with no mess.
Smell: 9.5/10 – This Honeycomb was made with a OG x Purple Urkle strain, not two strains of flower mixed, but there is still an interesting combination of smells representing both sides of the strain. Right away I’m hit with a powerful sweet grape whiff that screams Pruple and reminds me of grape flavored Nerds. After working with it a bit, the OG genetics reveal themselves with notes of earth, pine, and citrus making for a fantastic, organic funk.


MARIJUANA CONCENTRATE OG x Purple Urkle Honeycomb 4Flavor: 8.5/10 – It seems majority of the flavor from this concentrate comes from the Purple Urkle side of the Genetics. Upon exhale there is a medium candy grape flavor that is very organic tasting which seems to be common among Purple strains. Although they aren’t major, there are still hints of the OG in the taste, adding bits or orangey pine and earthiness that linger on the pallet. It’s a tasty smoke but I think the flavor could be maximized to the next level with a better purge.
MARIJUANA CONCENTRATE OG x Purple Urkle Honeycomb 2High: 10/10 –This is what I like best about the OG x Purple Urkle Honeycomb, and for medicinal uses it’s the most important. This is a HEAVY Indica concentrate. For me, most dabbable concentrates, Indica or sativa, never give me that CBD kick that I need at night to help me sleep, but this is a PM gem. After only a few small dabs I feel a heavy dose of couchlock flow through my body and slam my internal E-brake on. Honestly it made it very difficult to even get this review finished, as I just wanted to lie down and relax.
Length of High: 2+ Hours
Medicinal Uses: For anyone suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, or anxiety like I am, don’t need to look any further. This is a true medicinal grade medication that takes only a small dose to fully feel the effects. No matter the sevarity of the pain, it is absolved with a small dab or two and after a full session sleep will not be an issue.

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