Orange Afghani Co2 Melt Review

Orange Afghani
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Orange AfghaniREVIEW BY:@NYYdevotion
Orange Afghani Co2 Melt
Unlike any Afghani I’ve encountered before. Mostly sweet with a strong presence of citrus. A whiff with my eyes closed is reminiscent of standing in an orange grove when the fruit is ripe and fragrant. The Afghani genetics add a subtle earthy nuance that rounds out this sensational olfactory experience.
The inhale tastes just like orange and exotic spices, particularly cardamom. The exhale and aftertaste retain a hint of sweetness, transitioning into the familiar musky soil flavor that defines the Cannabis afghanica gene pool.
It’s listed as evening appropriate, so that means only those with a higher tolerance should partake during the day. The high from this strain is strong enough to alleviate severe pain and calm a frantic mind almost instantly. I find it slightly disorienting at times, but a few dunks before bed puts me right to sleep.
Buzz Length:
Up to 5-6 hours. I took 3 dunks around 7:00 PM, and it wasn’t until around midnight that I felt like another.

Orange Afghani

Medical Uses: Anxiety, cramps, insomnia, loss of appetite, and neuropathic/muscular pain.
What else can I say, Orange Afghani Co2 Melt delivers in every possible way.

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