MARIJUANA CONCENTRATE REVIEW: Pure Xtracts Power Plant Gold Flake (Wax)

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REVIEW BY: @XinckAlviso
Name: Pure Xtracts Power Plant Gold Flake (Wax)
Score: 9/10
From: Elemental Wellness Center in San Jose @ElementalWell
Cannabinoids: 69.3% THC, 3.3% CBD. Test results provided by SC Laboratories.
Type: (S/I) While the high seemed to be all Sativa, the high CBD percentage had an incredible Indica body numbing affect.
Genetics: Power Plant’s lineage can be drawn back to South African Genetics, making it a land race strain. According to definition, a land race cannabis strain is a strain that has developed and evolved naturally in a geographically isolated area where crossbreeding with other strains was not possible. Since it has evolved from a wild population it is generally composed of genotypes that are not necessarily all similar, but exhibit enough characteristics in common to permit their recognition as a group.
Price: $20 gram, $40 gram.

Appearance/Consistency: I’ve had wax similar to this dry, flaky consistency before. It is more of a chunky, buddery consistency then flake with a nice 49er gold tint. Although there are a few nice and dry wax flakes in there. The smaller flakes at the bottom weren’t too hard to stick onto my dental pick dabber once it got a little sticky from dabs of the bigger flakes. The bigger clumps crumbled down to nice whole flakes that are all sized for a regular dab, or combine a few for a mondo-dab! As nice and dry as this wax was it wasn’t too hard to work with, dabber wise. I was very pleased with the consistency.
Smell: This isn’t the strongest smelling wax I’ve ever had, but it definitely has a nice subtle minty hash wax smell to it. As many of you wax heads know BHO tends to have a unique, but generic smell amongst concentrates that’s slightly different from the hashy smell of cold-water extracts. The smell just rings “clean” in my mind as it reaches my olfactory senses, from what I can tell this is definitely a finely purged wax.

Upon exhaling a nice dab from my US Tubes dome and Highly Educated V2 Ti nail in the Hi-Si Hex bong the flavor comes across as a smooth and creamy hashy wax flavor. Dab after dab I experienced absolutely NO harshness regardless of the size of the dab. Again, the taste was exceptionally clean leaving the faintest wax after taste in your mouth after a nice fat dab!
High: Upon inhaling the dab I experienced an instant head rush followed by a nice feeling of euphoria and slight pressure right at my forehead. These are all the tell-tale signs of a classic land race Sativa strain. Another remarkable trait of this wax’s high is the profound body relaxing affect that derives from the high CBD percentage in this concentrate. While my body aches and pains had all been silenced I was feeling absolutely no couch lock, making this an excellent med for the day time when you need to get physically taxing tasks done.
Buzz Length: A good sized dab off of my Ti nail had a lasting buzz length of about two and a half hours, a pretty standard buzz length for a good batch of wax. I took a few fat dabs of this before playing some basketball with a few buddies of mine and it had be medicated for about half of the games we played, but after about an hour of shooting the J I began to get a bit tired and could notice the head high had about run out, but as my body felt in great shape it seemed as though the CBD affects were still taking place. This med if a very good choice for those who are going to go without medicating for a few hours or plan on working out your body it its max and need some pain management.
Medical Uses: This PX Power Plant Gold Flake is an excellent concentrate for treating depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, pain, and ADD. This Sativa dominant wax has a profound cerebral and uplifting affect that raises your spirits while very well managing your body’s aches and pains. This is a wonderful med for any time of the day, with the Sativa high not being too racy it allows for it to be used as a night time med as well. The potency is all in the name, the PX Power Plant Gold Flake from Elemental Wellness is a perfect example of not only a high quality wax, but also a highly affective overall med that gives a patient the little extra Power they need when they’re plagued by pain and fatigue!
Overall: This was an absolutely wonderful batch of wax, from color, to texture, to potency; this was some of the best wax I’ve seen from Elemental Wellness. They always carry fine waxes and hashes, but this PX Power Plant Gold Flake is a great deal and very accessible at $20 for half of a gram allowing some who may shy away from wax due to its high prices to be able to experience this fine form of cannabis concentrate. The PX Power Plant Gold Flake from Elemental Wellness will spread its cannabinoid filled roots throughout your body and mind giving you a wonderfully balanced medicated affect.

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