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REVIEW BY: @ErrlCampbell
Name: Skunk #1 Sugar
Score: 9.5/10
From: Dabliveries, San Diego
Type: Hybrid – Indica Heavy
Price: $45 gram
Appearance: I had the original batch of this Skunk #1 Wax that came directly from the grower, and it was a harder wax texture, but when I got a hold of this batch it instantly dropped my jaw. It has an amazing grainy, sugary texture, with the perfect amount of sticky moisture to make it cling to any dabber. Although it isn’t completely solid, it’s still stable through and through, only liquefying with intense heat.  This concentrate has a beautiful light amber/dark yellow color that clearly conveys the high quality product that went in to creating this masterpiece.
Smell: There is a fantastic smell that begins to radiate as soon as the cap on the Skunk #1 Sugar is unscrewed. At first I was hit with a light candy fruit smell that combined berry, apricot, and citrus notes that gave away the concentrates strain. After I dig into the wax with my dabber a bit, it begins to release notes of musky pine and lemon that make for a great overall aroma.
Flavor: If Pine Sol was a converted into a palatable beverage, I think it would be similar to this. Upon inhale I could already pick up the intense, candy lemon flavor, but when I let out my cloud of errl vapor, I could fully taste robust pine mixed with sour lemon and orange citrus that made me want to dab one after another.
High: To me this felt like a Hybrid leaning toward the Sativa side. Immediately I felt my eyelids pinch shut, with a euphoric feel slowly wrapping around my head like a comfy headband. Although it keeps me motivated and focused, I notice how much this concentrate relaxed my muscles and joint, without making me tired and out of it.
Medicinal Uses: Because this Sugar is so highly concentrated, the medicinal values are brought to light with only a small dose. Like most concentrates it might not have the tiring, sleepy values, but it does a fatalistic job of alleviating daily aches and pains as well as subduing anxiety and relieving stress.

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  1. Ricky

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