Marijuana Daily Gardening Review

Marijuana Daily Gardening Book ReviewMarijuana Daily Gardening Review

New to growing weed? You’re not alone, man. Henry Woodward, the author of Marijuana Daily Gardening: How to Grow Indoors Under Fluorescent Lights, by Green Candy Press is a beginner as well. And he’s written a new book about his first few grows using basic fluorescent lights and soil. He documents his journey from set-up to finish, does some cloning, sprouts some seeds, harvests, etc.

If your curious about what it’s like taking care of a marijuana grow on a daily basis and you want an uncomplicated explanation grab a copy of this book. Here’s what our buds at Green Candy Press have to say about the new release:

From setting up your grow room in a safe and energy-efficient way to drying your bud without alerting the neighbors, Henry Woodward walks you step-by-step through the entire process of pulling off your first successful crop–without the difficulty and confusion of most grow books.

Many new growers find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cultivation information out there, thanks to the comprehensive coverage of marijuana growing techniques that exists today. Most new growers don’t need to know about tending to outdoor landrace sativas–they need to know how close to set their lights to their plants and when to water a soil mix. Marijuana Daily Gardening strips away all the unnecessary background noise and focuses, in an easy-to-follow and heavily illustrated way, on exactly how to take your grow room from empty to bursting with bud on your first-ever try.

Marijuana Daily Gardening Book ReviewGranting access to the grow notes of a trusted friend, this guide details the trials and tribulations that Henry faces through the daily tending of his plants, and unlike other grow books, doesn’t cover up the errors he makes or pretend that everything will go off without a hitch. Unlike other growers, Henry tells you when he’s burned his plants by placing them too close to the lights, so that you can learn from his mistake. He tells you when he got a little too drunk and forgot to water in the morning. He lets you know how not to do things, because he’s done it all!

With a diary-style layout, sidebars on important topics and fantastic full-color photos to drive the information home, this book is everything the rookie grower will ever need to walk them down the road to success.

Whether you know everything about sterilizing your pots and your space but can’t quite decide what lights to choose, or you’ve no idea about how to set up a grow space but are an expert in keeping thrips at bay, Marijuana Daily Gardening will endow you with all the knowledge you need to be a successful, consistent gardener–and all with the hands-on advice of a fellow rookie.

Marijuana Daily Gardening Book Review
Get an honest take on how much work is involved in growing weed in Marijuana Daily Gardening

We dug this book because it was real. Woodward makes a few mistakes, has a few set-backs and an emergency—on Christmas day nevertheless. But, it’s an honest take on how much time is involved in growing marijuana. And Woodward’s got about the simplest set-up you can imagine and even he had several issues to deal with during his grows.

One key takeaway from Marijuana Daily Gardening? Like Woodward, grab a tasty beverage and enjoy growing. Look at your garden as your little oasis and take your time, cultivate some patience and smell the roses. Like Woodward—you’ll be rewarded by not only a nice little harvest but an overall rewarding and relaxing experience.

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