Win a Copy of Marijuana Harvest By the Guru of Ganja Ed Rosenthal

Marijuana Harvest_RosenthalMarijuana Harvest by Ed Rosenthal Giveaway

The most trusted green thumb in marijuana is at it again. Ed Rosenthal has released another book dedicated to an undeserved niche weed topic. This time in his new book Marijuana Harvest: How to Maximize Quality and Yield in Your Cannabis Garden the master is targeting harvesting—the critical final stage in growing killer weed—a stage that a lot of growers completely underestimate or don’t get right at all.

Why buy a copy of Ed’s new book Marijuana Harvest when you can win one? That’s right. We’re giving away five hand-signed copies at 4:20 west coast time on Friday August 28.

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WIN ED FB_SIGNEDYou took the time to grow all that weed now don’t drop the ball. Pick up a copy of Harvest and you’ll discover what the Guru of Ganja recommends you do towards the end of your plants life-cycle. In Marijuana Harvest not only does Rosenthal and contributor David Downs explain how to ensure the perfect harvest from start to finish.

They’ll teach you how to determine when your precious pot plants have finished ripening and are at their peak for picking. And everything you need to know to get them their—things like how and when to flush your plants of unwanted and unnecessary nutrients to develop the cleanest, smoothest and tastiest smoke.

Rosenthal also dives into the process of manicuring. We’re talking best-practices here. He’ll also cover drying and curing—another underestimated step in the process of creating the best week possible. Pay particular attention to this chapter if you want to learn how to avoid mildew and mold contamination.

The book concludes with a chapter on how to store you buds and keep them fresh and potent for as long as possible. Basically Ed’s new book could be the best tool you buy for your garden this year.

19 Responses to “Win a Copy of Marijuana Harvest By the Guru of Ganja Ed Rosenthal”

  1. Michael

    Ed taught me the importance of starting out right to assure a bountiful harvest.

  2. Ernest Daniels

    To be completely honest (which I hope won’t ruin my chances) I haven’t read many of Ed’ s tips, but I look forward to reading all the tips in his book.

  3. Clint williams

    Ed’s Marijuana Growers Handbook helped me grow my first crop when I was younger. I had no clue what I was doing and a friend gifted me the book, so I read it and had a successful first crop! I still have it and Big Book of Buds on my bookshelf!

  4. Shadow

    Ed has literally taught me everything everything to maintain a medical grade garden of self suffiencey

  5. Sterling Snyder

    I am brand new to growing, so I think this book could very well help me learn more on my way to being an expert grower.

  6. John liolios

    Taught me too much to list.

  7. Bryan U

    Ed has taught me everything I know about marijuana except how to smoke it.

  8. Walter Howell

    Made the difference between a successful grow and wasting my time and money for over 45 years now !!

  9. Randall Swift Nuckolls

    Maestro Rosenthal’s years of dedicated service to the cannabis plant and industry has taught me one major thing; that it’s not the amount you grow, or the way you grow it, but the fact that your contributing to help change this planet for the better. Change it through fresh and new ideas, empathy for those who suffer differently than yourself, and a love for a plant that can birth powerful friendship and industry alike!

  10. Jen Oliver

    Ed’s an asset to society, for publishing educational information that has been unjustly repressed for WAY too long. Greatest Good for the greatest good.
    I enjoy the resources Ed’s provided, in my garden with all my plants. Thank you, Ed!💚

  11. John sepulveda jr

    He has taught me everything I know about growing.

  12. Dean Sines

    Ed has show so many the joys of growing and consuming cannabis over the years, happy to see more teaching from the master grower. Thanks Ed for teaching so many the joys of cannabis.

  13. John growgan

    Taught me about cal mag. I missed that one when I first started.

  14. JC Weaver

    I like Herb, pick me!

  15. Sean Crystal

    How to identify male and female plants early

  16. David Bolle

    I did learn a lot from Eds books! .. Last time i recognized a revegging plant by the coming curled 1 point leaves.

  17. Blaze1one Jim Forrester

    He taught me a lot on how to identify plant symptoms and how to correct them. Also proper pH is crucial and he overall just passes on great knowledge!

  18. Jim Bates

    I love Edds grow bible & the Harvest book isn’t much behind I love his way of teaching I’ve been learning since I was 16 I bought my first book from Edd Rosentha any way if it wasn’t his grow bible I wouldn’t be growing buds as big as my fist.!!!!!!

  19. Deb Kaai

    I’m a newbie to growing and could use all the help I can get. The web is great but books are the best!

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