Marijuana is Officially Legal in Oregon Today

Marijuana is Officially Legal in Oregon Starting Today
Marijuana is Officially Legal in Oregon Starting July 1, 2015

Today, July 1st 2015, marks the end of marijuana prohibition in Oregon! That’s huge. Last November, the people of Oregon voted in favor of Measure 91 making the state the third in the nation to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. But there’s no place to buy it until October first. That’s because the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s original plan scheduled recreational marijuana stores to open in the fall of next year. However Oregon Legislature’s joint committee on marijuana amended a bill last week so that anyone over 21 can buy up to a quarter-ounce of weed at a medical dispensary starting the first of October.

In case you’re wondering how much weed you can legally possess in Oregon now the Portland Police Bureau recently issued a visual aid—using donuts. We’re seriously. Portland police used voodoo doll donuts to illustrate the amount that’s legal for an individual and a household to possess. They probably had a bunch of donuts and weed laying around the station anyhow. But the important questions isn’t what does an ounce looks like it’s how many joints are in an ounce of weed.

how much does an ounce of weed costLet’s say the average joint is the size of a cigarette—even though we’ve all seen massive joints rolled from a pound of pot of more. Now Google says there’s about 0.7 grams in a typical cigarette. That works out to roughly 40.49929 cigarettes per zip—which is probably about how many joints you can roll from an ounce of weed.

Anyhow, you know how Oregon doesn’t have sales tax? They’ll be making exceptions to that when weed sales start. That’s right, Oregon lawmakers are looking to stick it to STONERS by tacking on a hefty 17 percent sales tax to the purchase of recreational pot when it becomes available for sales to all adults on October first. Unlike cigarettes and booze that are taxed at the wholesale stage before they arrive at the store weed will be taxed at the point of sale. And 17 percent? Damn that’s hella steep! Oregon stands to make a lot of cash off the backs of stoners. How much? Well, Colorado only charges 10 percent sales tax on weed and they collected $4.39 million in retail sales tax off weed in April—that’s a 98 percent increase from the same month last year.

Congratulations adult stoners of Oregon you can now grow and smoke pot legally. Let us know how you’ll be celebrating in the comments below…

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