Marijuana Movement Details Lawsuit ENDING CA Medical Pot Crackdown

marijuana movementMarijuana Movement Details Lawsuit ENDING CA Medical Pot Crackdown

Today in San Francisco patients, landlords, medical marijuana cooperative owners and their lawyers are holding a press conference at 11 am to announce a lawsuit they’re collectively filing that looks to bring an end to the ridiculous federal crackdown on marijuana dispensaries and their landlords throughout the state.

marijuana movementLast month, 9 members of Congress filed a similar suit against the feds, but didn’t demand an immediate end, via a restraining order, to block the bogus crackdown. The new suit will be brought simultaneously in each of the four federal districts in California – San Francisco (Northern), Sacramento (Eastern), Los Angeles (Central) and San Diego (Southern) – where U.S. Attorneys threatened criminal prosecution of both tenants and landlords of medical marijuana dispensaries as well as threatened property forfeiture.

“This is multipronged, organized effort to get into court and to send a message to the federal government that we need to stop the aggression and sit down and talk reasonably about these issues,” said San Francisco attorney Matt Kumin, one of the lawyers bringing on the federal suit.

Where: Kumin Sommers LL The Flood Building 870 Market Street, Suite 428, San Francisco

“It is critically important for patients to have safe access to this treatment that continues to be recommended by doctors,” said Rep. Sam Farr of Carmel in a statement. “California voters decided to adopt clear regulations to allow patients to do just that. It is unfortunate that the federal government has decided to target these legal vendors instead of focusing limited resources on those who sell illicit drugs.”

But, if the mounting public outcry over this fiasco won’t force President Obama to finally explain to the American people, half of which are in favor of legalization and 80% in favor of legalizing medical pot, why we can’t have weed, then maybe the request to reclassify marijuana made by those very same 9 members of congress finally will?


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